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Launch Of Online J1 Training – And Arrangements For Those Following The Old Course

Post Publication Notes:
16 Jan: Corrected email address for Chris Metcalfe (gmail not outlook). Please update your records / amend.
22 Jan: Please read news item with documents produced by British Swimming / Swim England which outline the new training process.
27 Jan: View news item with SW briefing document for referees and officials coordinators and instructions prospective candidates must follow to access a SW funded voucher.

The brand new online J1 officials training will launch on Monday 27 January 2020. Anyone who would like to start their training as an official should contact their club volunteer manager / officials co-ordinator in the first instance. Ahead of the launch budding officials can prepare by:
  • Becoming a member of Swim England if not already. Whilst the membership database is frozen, if you would like to start your training ASAP your membership secretary can ask for an express sign up, stating this is for J1 online course candidates.
  • Signing up for an account on the IoS website (https://www.swimming.org/ios/)

Please can club volunteer managers / official co-ordinators let Chris Metcalfe, Somerset ASA Officials Co-ordinator (somersetasa.officials@gmail.com) know the name, email and Swim England number of those who would like to sign up to the training.

The course is £20 up front, which includes the first license on qualification. Swim England South West will cover the cost of this – initially Chris will put the candidate in touch with Jill Beard who will provide a voucher code. Please do wait for the voucher, as it may NOT be possible to reimburse candidates who pay upfront with their credit / debit card. As the training is being paid for, please only put forward candidates who are motivated to see the course through. Timekeeper courses which are suitable for those who want to help out at non-licensed galas, club championships and Level 4 galas, can be arranged on request and are a good option for those who want to try out the role before committing to the J1 training.

In outline the training will proceed as follows:
  • The online training covers the theory and questions in the old workbook. Once the questions have been successfully completed, the trainee be able to start on their poolside experience.
  • The online Contemporary Issues course still needs to be completed and candidates are encouraged to do this alongside their online learning.
  • There is the same focus on assessing the Timekeeping competency early.
  • The other competencies will be signed off as the trainee attends meets at various levels. We will now be relying on this competency sign off, as there will no longer be a poolside assessment at the end.
  • The assessment will now be based on a brief review of the poolside experience log, ensuring the trainee has demonstrated their competence at meets of different levels (they MUST have attended both level 1/2 and level 3/4 meets, and are encouraged to do unlicensed league galas etc).
  • There is now a strict time limit of 11 months between completing the online component and achieving a pass. Anyone going beyond this will have to start again.
  • This is in part an IT project - there are going to be teething problems! Please do contact Chris with any questions or concerns.
Finally, we have quite a few people who are working to the old course. These people must have passed their assessment by 31 July 2020 or they will need to start again with the online course. The best opportunity for this is at the County Championships. Whilst the Somerset referees will do their best at later meets, it is likely there will only be certain sessions at certain meets where this will be possible. Chris is of course happy for old course candidates to contact him to see what we can arrange.

Chris Metcalfe
Somerset ASA Officials Co-ordinator

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