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The Gift Aid small donations scheme for charity or CASC

Details follow via Gov.uk on how your charity or community amateur sports club (CASC) can claim 25% on:
  • cash donations of £30 or less
  • contactless card donations of £30 or less collected on or after 6 April 2019

via the Gift Aid small donations scheme (GASDS). You do not need a Gift Aid declaration to claim.

From 6 April 2016, you can claim up to £2,000 in a tax year or £1,250 for earlier years.

Who can claim

Your charity or CASC must have claimed Gift Aid:
  • in the same tax year as you want to claim GASDS
  • without getting a penalty in the last 2 tax years
  • in at least 2 of the last 4 tax years (without a 2-year gap between claims) if you’re claiming on donations made before 6 April 2017

What you can claim

Your GASDS claim cannot be more than 10 times your Gift Aid claim. For example, you can claim on £1,000 worth of donations through GASDS if you’ve received £100 of Gift Aid donations in the same tax year.

You can claim on donations that are eligible for Gift Aid, but not membership fees.

View further and any updated information including Collections in community buildings, if your organisation is connected to another charity or CASC, record keeping and how to claim.

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