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Bristol Penguins win Swim England Club of the Year Award

Congratulations to Bristol Penguins Olympic Swimming Club who have been named as Swim England Club of the Year 2019 for their passion and commitment to aquatics.

The club has grown significantly since 2010, with membership increasing to 415 swimmers from 120.

Chairperson of Bristol Penguins, Ben Mullen, explained that a ‘combination and culmination of everyone’s effort’ lead to them winning the award. “It’s really nice to receive the award on behalf of the club, I’m very aware that it’s a massive team effort this swimming club. I humbly accept the award on behalf of the whole club and those who have gone before me and before us. It’s a combination and a culmination of everyone’s efforts over a period of time.”

The club have formed excellent partnerships with Clifton College Swim Academy and Badminton School around the provision of teaching and coaching in return for pool access. The ethos of the swimming club is at the heart of everything that happens at Bristol Penguins.

“It’s really important to our ethos that we’re an inclusive club where we have different groups, different types of swimmers and we try to help them all along their individual journey,” Ben added. “Another thing that’s really important to us is developing people, not just swimmers, to help them become better people as they get older.”

The South West did exceptionally well with 6 out of the 9 SW Regional winners receiving Bronze, Silver or Gold recognition. 

Maureen Davies (Truro City) was awarded Gold as SE Official of the Year.

Kerry Rutherford (Swindon Dolphin ASC) was recognised with a Silver award in the SE Youth Volunteer of the Year Category whilst Martin Walters (Exeter City SC) was recognised with Silver in the SE Volunteer of the Year Category The Region’s third Silver award was awarded to Suzanna Hext (Swindon Dolphin ASC) in the Personal Achievement award category.

Tia Crews (Devonport Royals Swimming Association) was recognised with a Bronze award in the SE Youth Achievement Award.

Congratulations to all.

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