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Data Protection and GDPR post-Brexit

Have you thought about what impact Brexit may have on General Data Protection Regulation?

We have all seen the headlines regarding the potential fines that could be imposed if you fail to comply with the requirements of GDPR, but perhaps of more a concern for the sport and recreation sector is that under the Code for Sports Governance, sports organisations risk losing their funding for non-compliance with applicable regulations such as GDPR.

But, “surely, if we are leaving the EU, none of this matter will matter anymore?”

Unfortunately - or fortunately - depending on which side of the data protection fence you sit, this is not the case and The Sport and Recreation Alliance and their partners at Gateley Legal will aim to explain why below and give you an overview of the implications of Brexit for data protection law in the UK for the sport and recreation sector should we leave the EU with no deal.

View the Alliance's handy webinar video and toolkit to help guide you through the impact of Brexit and what this means for data protection.

It covers:
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Data Transfers
  • No-Deal & Withdrawal Agreement departures
  • Planning Ahead

Download the toolkit.

Want to stay up to date with other areas which may be impacted by Brexit?

The Sport and Recreation Alliance have a number of modules available online which aim to offer brief guidance on the key sector-specific challenges to be thinking about in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit and what you can be doing now to prepare for and mitigate the risks as much as feasibly possible and where you can find further guidance.

There is also useful reading in each section, no matter what our departure from the EU may look like. The other areas covered are:
Please feel free to share this information with anyone else in your organisation you feel may benefit from this advice.

Please note this guidance is not intended to provide legal advice.

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