A.N.T Swimming Club affiliates to Swim England and Somerset ASA

A.N.T Swimming logoWe are pleased to announce that A.N.T. Swimming has been officially affiliated by Swim England as a Swimming Club and is now a member of Somerset ASA and the Swim England South West Region.

Commenting on why A.N.T. Swimming has become a Swimming Club and the club's ethos, Chairman Lee Maidment said:

"A.N.T. Swimming was started in January 2019 by Andrew Turner and Nicky Taylor, after identifying the need to provide flexible, bespoke swimming training programmes for athletes who wanted to improve their swim confidence, analyse technique and to become more efficient and effective in the water. Many adults and triathletes wanted the opportunity to join a structured training group that fitted in with their existing training programmes for events but would also give them the opportunity to compete within recognised Swim England events, including the County Masters Championships and National Open Water Events.

"To achieve the delivery of these bespoke sessions, for all ages and abilities, A.N.T. have worked with a wide network of pool operators across the region, which caters for athletes from all areas. Starting with a single lane hire at Parkwood Leisure’s Jubilee Swimming Pool, A.N.T. now operate from 6 pools, with 8 coaches and 3 open water venues, encompassing both short course and long course training.

"With 22 hours of “Training Time” available each week, A.N.T. have divided these into bespoke sessions, where athletes can “choose” the session type, day and frequency for their personal programme, to really ‘fit’ the athletes’ lifestyle. All sessions are available to book online via www.ant-swimming.co.uk/swim-sessions and are flexible each week. A.N.T. Swimming work with athletes by discussing the goals they wish to target, and designing ‘tailored’ programmes to help the swimmers achieve them.

"A.N.T. Swimming implements a unique Club Model, whereby there is NO Squad structure and NO monthly membership fees (only an Annual Membership Fee to cover Registration). Each athlete is an “Individual” and therefore can select the sessions they wish to attend, operating “Pay-As-You-Train”.

"The past 8 months have seen A.N.T Swimming grow from Start Up to currently over 150 members, including 85 athletes within the Masters Category of Membership, and 12 Disability athletes. A.N.T. Swimming are registered with Parasport and deliver bespoke sessions for deaf athletes and athletes with partial hearing as well as para-swimmers. A.N.T. continue to support Triathlon Clubs, delivering both Pool swim sessions and Open Water sessions.

"Whilst the A.N.T. Training Programme is focused primarily in the water, there are many other benefits A.N.T. Swimming provide:
"A.N.T Swimming are also fully committed to developing Young Volunteers and provide those athletes that are nearing or have finished their own swimming careers to remain involved within the sport they love. Ensuring the sport continues to evolve, A.N.T. will fully support Young Volunteers to progress with Teaching or Coaching Qualifications and Volunteer opportunities. A.N.T. Swimming have volunteered to facilitate and run the Somerset ASA Young Volunteer Programme for 2019-2020 and will work with YV’s from all Somerset Clubs on the Swim England Young Volunteer Syllabus.

"On behalf of everyone at A.N.T. Swimming, we would like to thank everyone that has fully supported us during the process of joining Somerset ASA and the South West Region to achieve our Swim England Club Status. We cannot emphasise enough how well Swim England supports the process with model documents to ensure the governance of becoming a Club is straight forward, clear and transparent. We look forward to working within the Swim England family to bring some amazing benefits to our members."

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