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Elvis has left the building

Following our AGM on 8 June 2019, immediate Past-President Colin Christmas writes:

"I would like to say final super thank you's to so many people for their support, warmth and enthusiasm over the last year.

"But especially…

"On behalf of my wife Alison and I -  thank you to Somerset ASA for our gifts and from me, for my mementoes of my year as President.

"Thank you to my own club Minehead and West Somerset for their support from day one.

"Thank you to Ben Batley who reprised his role as Secretary for the AGM and my very best wishes to Kelly Podbury our new President and Dave Beament our President Elect.

"It was good to see so many people at the AGM yesterday.


"…and my ELVIS momento? 

"I think maybe John Bolton can explain. But thank you, again John".

[The artist jotted some initials down on a beermat after saying he'd love to help when I said I was working on a sort of "Electronic Linked Virtual Information System", The original paintings were the result. The phrase "Elvis has left the building" was often used by public address announcers at the conclusion of Elvis Presley concerts in order to disperse audiences who had lingered in hopes of an encore. So after a fulfilling year for Colin as our President, this article's title also fits the bill perfectly.]

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