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Nominations open for Swim England Youth Champion Award

In the 150th anniversary year, the National Youth Advisory Panel (NYAP) has teamed up with the Swim England Volunteering Team to create a Youth Champion Award to celebrate and recognise individuals who champion the youth voice within the aquatic community.

Building upon the success of the Swim England National Awards and the forthcoming Hall of Fame concept, the award aims to showcase the present to inspire the future, and nominations will be open all year round.

Youth Champion Award Nomination Criteria

The individual being nominated for the award must:
  • Have done, and continues to, champion the voice of young people (U25yrs) within swimming and aquatics
  • Have a clear passion for the sport
  • Made a contribution which has a lasting/sustained impact
  • Has made a volunteering commitment or advocacy (eg. committee/campaign/fundraising)
  • Have made a contribution not to be forgotten

NB: There is no age limit but the nominee and their actions must be recent / current.

Nominations will considered four times a year during the following months
  • 1 December to 15 January
  • 1 March to 15 April
  • 1 July to 15 August
  • 1 September to 15 October

Up to four award winners each year will be chosen from the nominations by the NYAP and announced at the end of April, August, October and January. Winners will receive formal recognition from Swim England to thank them for their contributions.

All winners will be invited to the Swim England National Awards in November.

Know someone who you want to thank and celebrate for their contributions to young people within our sport? Highlight and showcase their actions and help us support youth engagement and progression within the sport.

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