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Sport England launch Talent Plan for England

Sport England has announced its Talent Plan for England which outlines seven guiding principles for investing in talent and explains how it can help produce the athletes that will star on the international stage. 

For everyone in the talent system, sport should remain a positive experience. The system is also accessible to everyone who has ability and potential to succeed at the highest level regardless of their background. 

Sport England's seven guiding principles are:
  • We wish to create the world’s best sporting talent system, which consistently delivers results.
  • We believe that providing a positive talent development experience for all stakeholders within a sustainable high performing culture will achieve optimal results.
  • We want people to be better for being in the England talent system and advocate a holistic development approach. 
  • We’re passionate about athlete welfare and the parity of physical and mental wellbeing.
  • We believe national teams should strive to be representative of the population they represent.
  • We believe that an inspired, effective and well-supported workforce is crucial to the creation of a sustainable high-performing system which delivers excellent developmental experiences for all.
  • We recognise that athlete development is complex and non-linear.

Download the Talent Plan for England

Read the announcement on Sport England's website.

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