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CIMSPA publish five new professional standards

The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) has announced the release of five new Professional Standards for 2019 in addition to the twenty previously published.  

These new Professional Standards are available to CIMSPA education partners *. They will then be able to submit their education products to CIMSPA for endorsement and will receive approved CPD points. These standards raise the bar in our sector, ensuring our members are the most qualified and employable in their fields.  

The five new Professional Standards are:
Three of the standards published, Pool Plant Operative, Assistant Swimming Teacher and Working with Children 0-5 years further cement CIMSPA’s promise to create clear career pathways for the workforce while ensuring that employers have access to the highest quality staff members.

The viewer shows the summary version of the Assistant Swimming Teacher Professional Standard*.

The Professional Standard for Strength and Conditioning Trainer has been produced in collaboration with The United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSCA).

At the centre of the relationship between CIMSPA and UKSCA, is the common goal of supporting those working in the field of Strength and Conditioning, and the production of standards which align to the needs of employers, employees and the wider sport and physical activity sector as a whole. This Professional Standard outlines the requirements set by UKSCA and CIMSPA for a person to work independently as a Strength and Conditioning Trainer within our sector.

CIMSPA’s Working with People with Long Term Conditions Professional Standard is being released at a time when the importance of helping people with preexisting health conditions to live a healthier lifestyle, is at the forefront of the mind of both our sector and newly announced government initiatives. In January, NHS England released plans to recruit an army of 1000 extra social prescribing link workers to help patients live fitter, healthier lives, combat anxiety, loneliness and depression.

This professional standard has been developed in partnership with industry leaders and health professionals and outlines the knowledge and skills, required by practitioners involved in the support and delivery of physical activity, exercise and behaviour change for adults who are at high risk of developing or living with one or more long term conditions.

Tara Dillon, CIMSPA CEO said of the standard “This professional standard is being released at an opportune time for both those working in the sector and those in need of highly qualified professionals willing to be part of NHS England’s long term plans for the future health of our nation,” she added, “We have worked with a huge range of professionals on this standard from a wide range of backgrounds to produce what we believe is going to lead to the best possible training in this area.”

To view these new Professional Standards and the entire professional standards library visit https://www.workforce.org.uk/library/

* The full version of the standard is also available to national governing bodies of sport and County Sports Partnerships. To access this, contact natasha.eason@cimspa.co.uk

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