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Somerset ASA Championships 2019 Day 5

More records have fallen! Senior and Junior Champions reports to follow.

Session 9


Girls 400m Freestyle
Lying third with 50m to go, Augusta Maddox (Street, 5:49.87) went on to add another freestyle win to her gold medal tally thanks to a 9.09s improvement on her previous best. Maddox overcame the challenge of Annabelle Suffield (Millfield, 5:49.96) and Francesca Hanson (Taunton Deane, 5:50.88) in a rousing finish.

Isabel Blackhurst (Weston-super-Mare, 5:10.35) is another swimmer who confirmed her credentials with an additional 12 yrs freestyle gold, finishing ahead of Francesca Woollard (Millfield, 5:12.43) and Phoebe Olesen (Bath Dolphin, 5:27.51) in second and third places.

A Millfield 1-2-3 in the 13 Yr age group saw Frankie Hatchard (Millfield, 5:00.07) lead throughout. She missed out on a sub 5 minute swim by just 0.08s but the 4.07s improvement in her personal best augurs well for the future. Georgina Woollard (5:03.58) and Katie Sherlock (5:06.37) collected silver and bronze.

'Simply the best' may have made namesake Tina more famous, but Lara Turner (Keynsham, 4:44.71) is well on the way to earning that mantle with another pb (by 3.81s) and 14 Yr age group freestyle win. Isabella Woollard (Millfield, 4:49.68) and Ruby Varney (Street, 4:58.70) claimed silver and bronze respectively.

Another demonstration of Keynsham's strength in depth saw Mia Latkovic (4:50.42) go 3.09s under her best set in 2018's competition and overtake Niamh Ward (Frome, 4:52.48) for gold. Rhiannon Briffa (Taunton Deane, 4:56.59) came third in the 15 Yr age group.

Charlotte Emery (Taunton Deane, 4:30.66) won the 16&O title courtesy of a pb improvement by 1.15s. With just over a 100m to go, Millfield's Sophia Wilson (4:32.01) overtook team mate Polly Painter ( 4:32.80) in a hard fought battle for silver.

Boys 200m Freestyle
Second fastest qualifier Dexter Townsend ( Street, 2:36.85) claimed the 10-11 Yr Gold ahead of Edison Butler (Keynsham, 2:38.35) and Riley Price (Clevedon, 2:47.11).

Just as they done in the 100m event, Adam White (Millfield, 2:21.47), Harvey Pike (Street, 2:23.98) and Max Head (Bridgwater, 2:30.58) repeated their medal placings in the 12 Yr finals and qualifying order. White improved his best 2:26.44 in 2018's competition first to 2:23.92 then a further 2.45s for gold.

In the 13 Yr final, a close finish for second and third place behind Millfield's Ashton Gifford-Groves (2:18.64) saw team mate and 100m winner Leo Ferguson (2:20.67) touch the pads 0.04s ahead of Jack Butler (Taunton Deane).

The prelims may have suggested the likelihood of a repeat Millfield 1-2-3 in the 14 Yr Final but Taunton Deane's Oscar Barlow had other ideas. With a prelim time 4s slower than fastest qualifier Jacob Whibley, Barlow responded to the Millfield 200m gold medallist's lead at the first turn by overtaking first him and then Adam Graham. G-S-B finished Barlow (2:07.66), Graham (2:08.29) and Whibley (2:08.40).

The 15 Yr final did produce a Millfield 1-2-3 and a similar tactic and 4.85s pb for Dimitrios Tsaliagkos (2:01.65). He came through from third place at 50m to beat Evan Jones (2:02.17) and Calvin Fry (2:02.50) to the gold medal.

With both fastest qualifier Will Ryley (Bath Univ, 1:53.87) and Jakob Goodman (Millfield, 1:54.24) both going under Goodman's 1:54.48 2018 record for the event, the prospect of it being lowered again in the final seemed inevitable. Goodman wasn't prepared to let his record go without a fight as both swimmers again went faster than Ryley's mark from the prelims. But it was a fired up Goodman who led throughout to take the 16&O title with a new 1:52.89 record time. Ryley finished second on 1:53.40 and Santos Villalon (Millfield, 1:55.41) third.

Girls 50m Breaststroke
An improvement on the 45.29 time set in her Club's April 2018 Meet saw Olivia Barlow (Taunton Deane) win 10-11 Yr gold in 41.16 ahead of Augusta Maddox (Street, 43.78) and Amelie Spicer (Keynsham, 44.24).

In the prelims, fastest qualifier Isabel Blackhurst (Weston-super-Mare) knocked 4.19s off her pb set in 2018's competition and then reduced it by a further 0.05s to win the 12 Yr final with 40.01. Abi Coppard (Keynsham, 40.93) and Alisha Freeman (Frome, 41.85) placed second and third respectively.

A second win for a Taunton Deane swimmer in the first three races saw fastest qualifier Chloe Bown go 35.84 in the prelims, 2.19s under the time she set on 5 Jan at Hengrove. She went on to clock 36.15 for victory in the final. Francesca Hatchard (Millfield, 36.75) and Tegan Lawton (Street, 37.85) completed the top 3 for the 13 Yr age group.

Ruby Varney (Street, 36.01) added another breaststroke title in the 14 Yr age group finishing 2.46s quicker than she had in May 2018's regional event. Grace Olding (Millfield, 36.42) and Phoebe Nethercott (Keynsham, 36.77) completed the top three.

G-S-B in the 15 Yr final went to form for the fastest three qualifiers. Georgia Gussey (Keynsham, 34.63) now has the full set of breaststroke titles for her age group, and in doing so lowered Alice Chan's 2018 Junior mark by 0.18s. Amelia Morris (Weston-super-Mare, 36.02) and Cora Lanham (Street, 36.54) came second and third.

The spearheaded heats saw Lily Booker first beat her own 2018 33.86 Senior mark down to 33.64 before Millfield team mate Abbie Hurst went even faster in the next heat to lead the qualifiers with 32.90 and take Booker's record. Hurst's time was just 0.05s outside her best time set in the Flanders Cup in Antwerp on 20 Jan. She didn't swim the final but Booker's 33.26 improved again on her own prelim time and worthy of gold. Alice Chan (34.21) and Isabella Renwick (35.62) in silver and bronze completed a 1-2-3 for Millfield who took the top six places.

Boy's 100m Backstroke
The race plan for 10-11 Yr fastest qualifier Riley Price (Clevedon, 1:21.79) was right as he led throughout to add the 100m gold to his collection. Edison Butler (Keynsham, 1:24.55) and Kaleb Allom (Street, 1:25.91) placed second and third.

Adam White (Millfield, 1:12.10) earned his second gold of the day thanks to a 2.53s improvement on his swim in May 2018 at regionals. Max Head (Bridgwater, 1:15.54) added silver and Zac Cooper (Millfield, 1:18.05) bronze for the 12 Yr age group.

Fastest qualifier Jonathan Turck (Millfield) captured the 13 Yr gold medal with a 1.6s improvement in his best to 1:13.69. Finley Hunter-Clarke (Street, 1:15.31) and James Towers (Millfield, 1:16.76) came second and third.

Solomon Williams (Millfield, 1:05.74) had qualified fastest but didn't swim the 14 Yr Final. Oscar Barlow (Taunton Deane) took full advantage to win his second gold of Day 5 with 1:04.81, smashing his 1:09.03 best from May 2018. Millfield's Adam Graham (1:06.22) and Jacob Whibley (1:09.40) recorded second and third place finishes.

Having set 1:00.61 at the British Summer Championships, the likelihood of Matthew Hall (Millfield) lowering his 1:03.74 Junior record was high. He qualified fastest setting the new mark at 1:01.94. He went under his old record again in the 15 Yr final to win gold in 1:02.37. A Millfield 1-2-3 saw Evan Jones (1:04.43) finish 0.03s ahead of Sam Deveney-Douglas.

Another top six places for Millfield came in the 16&O final. Successive sub 60s swims by Ioan Evans (59.62) saw him win gold ahead of David Chang (59.96) and Ian Lauritzen (1:00.45) who claimed the bronze.


Session 10


Boys 200m Butterfly
Silver medallist over 100m, Edison Butler ( 3:11.67) went one place better over 200m capturing 10-11 Yrs gold ahead of Dexter Townsend (Street, 3:14.60) and Riley Price (Clevedon, 3:33.14).

Max Evans (3:00.95) beat Harry Falconer (Millfield, 3:01.59) to the 12 Yr title by 0.64s to the delight of Backwell supporters. Zac Cooper (Millfield, 3:07.56) claimed bronze.

Just 0.02 separated Taunton Deane's Oliver and Jack Butler after 200m as Oliver won 13 Yr gold in 2:44.87. Thomas Agar (Millfield, 2:47.56) placed third.

Oscar Barlow (Taunton Deane, 2:30.70) was another swimmer to improve on his Day 4 placing in the 100m event, winning the 14 Yr final. Oliver Saunders (Frome, 2:38.98) and Toby Foster (Clevedon, 2:40.91) came second and third.

Bronze medallist over 100m, Farran Gregory (Taunton Deane, 2:27.94) continued Taunton Deane's gold bonanza, finishing with a commanding 10.03s lead. Lawrence Martindale (Millfield,2:37.97) and Ryan Baldwin (Clevedon, 2:41.26) placed second and third.

Will Ellington (Millfield, 2:12.49) improved on his 100m placing by winning 16&O gold. Samuel Lawton (Keynsham, 2:16.31) won his battle for silver with Ben Penhale (Clevedon, 2:17.58).

Girls 50m Backstroke
The first four age group finals saw swimmers secure their full set of backstroke golds.

In the 10-11 Yr age group, fastest qualifier Augusta Maddox (Street, 36.44) finished ahead of Kathleen Hague (Yeovil, 38.48) and Sydney Boyde (Millfield, 39.65).

The 12 Yr age group final saw Isabel Blackhurst (Weston-super-Mare, 33.47) achieve the treble by beating fastest qualifier Isobel Nethercott (Keynsham, 33.83). Clevedon's Josie Ballam (37.23) won the battle for bronze with Alisha Freeman by 0.08s.

The close finishes continued into the 13 Yr age group where Millfield's Francesca Hatchard (32.73) also made it 3 wins from 3, beating team mate Mae Singer to the gold medal by 0.15s. Lara Turner (Keynsham, 33.28) placed third.

The treble for Leah Evans (Keynsham, 32.25) came with a 1.17s margin of victory over Millfield's Mae Singer (33.42). Phoebe Armes (Millfield, 33.70) placed third.

Silver medallist over 200m and fastest qualifier Astrid Hannah (Millfield, 31.48) beat team mate Maddie Calvesbert-Sharp (31.95) to gold with Isobel Gray (Weston-super-Mare, 32.23) taking the bronze.

Four swimmers went under Emma Harvey's Senior record in the 16&O heats and five under it in the final. However it was Tatiana Tostevin's 29.68 prelim swim which will enter the record books after leading the qualifiers ahead of Polly Painter (Millfield, 30.63), Alice Gouldby (Millfield, 30.78) and Alice Barton (Team Bath AS, 31.00). That set things up nicely for a barnstorming finish in the final. Tostevin went close to her new mark again with 30.19 to add the 50m title to Day 4's win over 100m. And to keep the judges on their toes, Polly Painter (30.88), Alice Barton (30.92) finished narrowly ahead of Alice Gouldby (31.06) and Isabella Renwick (31.11) in the hunt for silver and bronze.



The competition continues on 10 February.

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