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Swim England South West Region Request for Officials 2019

Swim England South West Region would again like to request your help to run their events in 2019 and other events at which they are asked to provide officials. Last year more officials helped which was very pleasing and the Region look forward to welcoming even more this year. 

In recognition of the time you willingly give for the benefit of our swimmers, all qualified officials will receive a polo shirt, clip board and water bottle at the first SW event they attend in 2019. Additional shirts can be purchased at a subsidised cost TBA.

Officials needed This year the Para Swimming CPD will be run on 9 March 2019 at 11am before the Para Swimming event. Lunch will be provided. The CPD will be delivered by World Para Swimming tutor Sue Barker and includes the rule updates announced in January 2018. In the afternoon you will get the opportunity to officiate at the gala and receive mentoring. Attendance at the CPD is important for all 2019 Referee candidates, those recently qualified or having passed the November examination. With more Para swimmers entering open meets and SW events, this is a great opportunity to upskill your knowledge and gain experience. (Note you don’t need to attend the CPD if previously attended, please go directly to the gala).
At all events that cover more than one session during the day refreshments will be provided  (but please bring a water bottle for poolside) and a contribution towards travel expenses at an agreed rate provided that all the sessions for the whole day are attended as an official (obviously where there is only one session then this counts). Those officials who volunteer for a whole weekend may be able to claim for accommodation*, please see the Conditions in the Officials Expenses Policy. It is essential that the Region knows who this will apply to as the budgets have to be monitored.


Please pass this letter and information on to your clubs and encourage other officials to volunteer as it is difficult to contact everyone individually. The Region would be delighted to welcome new volunteers. The events cannot run without your help and the swimmers would not be able to achieve any qualifying times without the required numbers of licensed officials.   

Some events have proved difficult to attract sufficient numbers of officials. This year please consider them all, particularly the Masters and Para swimming events. The Inter County Masters is slightly different as the Region appoints the Referees, Starter and 2 Judges and the participating Counties bring a Judge and a Timekeeper each. Also, at the Relay Event, Clubs are required to provide at least one Official for each session they have teams swimming. This helps achieve the required numbers. To assist with planning, Clubs attending are requested to email the names of their officials to Nicky Vause (as soon as entries are confirmed).   

Finally, for all competitions, please volunteer promptly. The last few days before an event are difficult to manage, particularly as the Officials Organiser has to liaise with the Technical Director. Our main concern is for the swimmers. We do not want to have to declare the event as unlicensed because there are not enough officials to fulfil the requirements with the consequence that times cannot be included on ASA Rankings. 

Thank you in anticipation of your support. Please download, complete and return this form as soon as possible and no later than 30 January 2019 to Nicky Vause, SW Officials Organiser (swofficialssecretary@gmail.com). If you are volunteering for the Para CPD / gala, please reply as soon as possible.

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