Don't go breaking my ....

Burnham on Sea Swimming Club were delighted to invite our President Colin Christmas to help them celebrate another successful year.

Read Colin's report and then choose how to finish the article's title:

"Apologies to all at Burnham on Sea Swimming Club. I was with them at Lakeside Park on Saturday evening. Sorry, but my disco dancing days really are over; my family ’discouraged’ the spectacle years ago! 

"Sincere thanks though for inviting me to a great awards evening. It was a pleasure and privilege to give medals, cups and certificates to so many swimmers and to meet those dynamic individuals behind the Club's evident success. So many ‘local’ moments. Charlie Attwood set club records here in his very early days and many of them have only just been reset by a young lad who may have had a bigger grin than some of the others. I couldn’t be sure.

Ethan receives his award from Colin Christmas

Photo: Ethan has been breaking all of Charlie Attwood's Club records. That's got to be worthy of a Certificate ... and Colin is only too happy to oblige.

"It is just over five years since the Club moved to Brean Splash. They are not a large club and they don’t have loads of pool time,  but it is clear that in spite of their size, they continue to ‘pack a big punch’ - Kelly Podbury’s words, not mine. She was talking about the Club back in August 2017 but it could have been yesterday. Kelly of course is our President elect. She is also Burnham on Sea Swimming Club Secretary and our own Assistant Secretary, Young Volunteer Coordinator and Competition Secretary. That’s got to be worth a medal or at least a mention? (I know, I just did!)

"So, another club annual awards evening - yet still special. You’d have to have a heart of stone not to enjoy them and briefly share in what they mean to so many. At the same time, it was also another powerful reminder of all those oft hidden and forgotten benefits of belonging to a swimming club. I happen to think that many of them are unique to Swimming ... and maybe, if we weren’t all too busy most of the time, we’d have the time to advertise them more widely.

Burnham-on-Sea Swimming Club Presentation 2018

"The Club is fortunately still able to organise their own Learn to Swim programme and so amongst all the usual age groups having their achievements recognised and rewarded, on this night, there were lots of wide eyed under 7’s - including one awestruck four-year old – enjoying time in the spotlight. What a moment for them. With parents and open age group swimmers there as well, it was another one of those big family, community occasions. And swimmers were not the only ones being recognised for their efforts, there were awards for Club helpers and volunteers – a lovely touch.  

Burnham-on-Sea Swimming Club Presentation

"As they all did their thing on the dance floor afterwards – my own neat steps moving strategically in the opposite direction - I was reminded that here, swimmers from different schools and different communities and families come together and make new friendships, develop social skills and team respect in a safe and supportive environment.

"It was a pleasure basically to be the assistant, front of house with Sally, Club Chair and committee member Rachael who handed me the right medals, cups or certificates at the right time. They could not have made my job any easier - thank you both, great efficiency. We all know it doesn’t just happen - it took a lot of setting up. All credit too to Lewis - Club Treasurer and Announcer for the evening – he said it was his first time but you would never have guessed.  With Kelly managing the Kid Corral and getting swimmers ready at the right time, he kept the atmosphere and expectations high and proceedings moving along smoothly.

Mark Podbury
"And ever present and visible - I didn’t say audible, you will notice - that jacket and the Head Coach wearing it. You couldn’t miss it. Good for you Mark! He tells me he wears it every year. I got the impression it will be on show for a few years yet. My personal thanks to you for your warm welcome. And it was a pleasure to put a medal around your shoulders at one point, for your performance at the Club Champs – in the parents' race I recall. There’s a thing!

"So to all at Burnham on Sea Swimming Club – thanks from me for a memorable evening ... and to the Committee. I’d say from the smiles and proud walks on show that all your efforts are much appreciated."

View more photos from the event.

And the article's song title?

.... heart (Kelly on reading the report: "OMG that has me in tears, what words, thanks Colin, that makes me want to volunteer until I die!")

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