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FINA World Junior Open Water Championships 2018

6-8 September 2018 - Eilat

Day 1

The conditions for boys and girls 5km races (8:00am start) and 7.5km races (10:00am start) were wind speed 21km/h, air temperature 31°C and humidity 36%. The water was flat and its temperature 27.3°C. The importance of listening carefully to the Referee's briefing on trajectory and the buoy to turn around was highlighted by a whole pack of swimmers going the wrong way and lengthening their race by at least 300m.  

Boys 14-15 Yrs 5km
32 started. Aleksandr Stepanov (RUS, 58:53.8) won gold, team mate Ivan Morgun (58:53.5) claimed silver and David Bethlehem (HUN, 58:56.5) bronze.

Girls 14-15 Yrs 5km
29 started. Iris Menchini (ITA, 1:00:44.6) won gold, Mira Szimcsak (HUN, 1:01:01.2) and Mariah Denigan (USA, 1:01:06.6) claimed bronze.

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Boys 7.5km 16-17 Yrs

28 started. 17 year olds Jean-Baptiste Clusman (FRA, 1:24:22.8) and Danil Nemolochnov (RUS, 1:24:28:7) won gold and silver respectively and 16 year old Zoltan Tabi (HUN, 1:24:31.1) collected bronze.

The event saw Jose Vasconez Ochoa (ECU) taken from the water to hospital after not feeling well and struggling to breathe - the first incident of its kind in 10 years of organising events in Eilat according to Organising Commitee Chairman Noam Zwi.

GB's Hector Pardoe finished 17th in 1:27:59.7.

Girls 7.5km 16-17 Yrs

Chase Travis (USA, 1:32:02.8) broke away from the pack halfway and won gold pursued by Italians Giulia Berton (1:32:59:7) and Giulia Salin (1:33:00.8) who completed the podium. A storming finish saw Brit Maisie MaCartney finish just outside the medals in fourth place (1:33:01.4)

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Day 2

Conditions were very similar to Day 1.

Boys 10km 18-19 Yrs

36 started. Michael Brinegar (USA, 1:49:55.5) controlled the race and sprinted to gold leaving Enzo Roldan Munoz (FRA, 1:49:55.7) with silver and Kirill Dolgov (RUS, 1:50:00.4) bronze.

Girls 10km 18-19 Yrs

Fresh from the experience of swimming at the European Championships in Glasgow, Paula Ruiz Bravo (ESP, 1:57:21.9) secured gold. Maria A. Bramont-Arias (PER, 1:57:24.2) fought back to take silver and her country's first medal in the competition and Reka Rohacs (HUN, 1:57:26.3) took bronze.

Brit Polly Holden finished in ninth place (1:59:23.0).

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Day 3 - 4 x 1250m Relays

14-16 Yrs
12 teams took part.
1. Hungary 56:48.1 (Viktoria Mihalyvari, Mira Szimcsak, Zoltan Tabi, Szilard Galyassy
2. USA 57:31.8 (Chase Travis, Connor Hunt, Mariah Denigan, Jackson Carlile)
3. Italy 58:10.0 (Giulia Salin, Iris Menchini, Luigi Galdieri, Federico Mazzeo)

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19&U Yrs
19 teams registered for the Open Relay.
1. France 55:39.9 (Madelon Catteau, Jean-Baptiste Clusman, Lisa Pou, Enzo Roldan Munoz)
2. USA 56:06.7 (Erica Sullivan, Brennan Gravley, Kensey McMahon, Michael Brinegar)
3. Italy 56:11.3 (Silvia Ciccarella, Giulia Berton, Andrea Filadelli, Nicola Roberto)

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