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Officials required for Fast Five Meet - 8 Jul 2018 GL1

urgentThe handover of the role of SW Officials Secretary from Jill Beard to Nicky Vause has taken place. We thank Jill for keeping things ticking over during the past year. Nicky will endeavour to carry out her duties to the same level but hopes for your patience until she fully gets to grips with her new role.

Fast Five Meet at Gloucester GL1 
Sunday 8 July 2018  - Report time: 8.50am sessions 1 & 2

Nicky and Jill thank all the officials who responded to the initial annual request but more help is still needed. Any offers to officiate will be greatly appreciated. Without your support, opportunities for our swimmers in the region would cease to exist,.

Please don’t delay, reply to Nicky today at vause.family@btinternet.com and publicise the request within your Club and networks.

Refreshments will be provided at all events that cover more than one session during the day but please bring a water bottle for poolside. A contribution will be made towards travel expenses at the agreed rate of 45p per mile provided that all the sessions for the whole day are attended as an official.

News to @SomersetASA
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