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Mare Nostrum 2018 Canet-en-Roussillon Day 1

9 to 10 June 2018

50m Backstroke
Lucy Hope (SCO, 00:28.57) beat Katinka Hosszu by 0.08s to finish 4th in the Women's A Final won by Anastasia Fesikova (RUS, 00:27.84). 

Luke Greenbank clocked 27.05 in the Men's heats to rank 18=. Ben Treffers (AUS, 00:25.20) improved 0.22s on his fastest qualifier heat time to win gold. Kacper Stokowski (POL, 00:25.43) claimed silver.

50m Freestyle
Pernille Blume (DEN, 00:24.20) impressed with a 0.48s improvement on her heat time to take A Final gold ahead of Taylor Ruck (CAN, 24.58) and Rikako Ikee (JPN, 24.80). Katherine Stark (SCO, 25.72) improved her time by 0.12s to finish 8th.

A 0.41s improvement by Bruno Fratus (BRA, 21.85) seured gold as opposed to the 0.01s by fastest qualifier Michael Andrew (USA, 21.92).  Scott McLay (Uni Stirling, 00:23.35) ranked 17th.

1500m Freestyle
Mireia Belmonte (SPAIN, 16:12.87) won gold by 2.73s.

400m Freestyle
Naito Ehara (JPN, 03:47.70) won the A Final and Nicholas Grainger (Sheffield, 04:02.26) ranked 18th.

200m Backstroke
With fastest qualifier Katinka Hosszu (02:11.21) not swimming in the A Final, Taylor Ruck led from the front to take gold with a 2.8s improvement ahead of Daria-K Ustinova (02:09.95). Chloe Golding (CoManchester, 02:11.41) claimed bronze and Missy Franklin (USA, 02:13.14) finished in sixth place.

Luke Greenbank only just made the A Final with 02:06.67 but improved to 02:02.41 to finish seventh. Gold went to Christian Diener (GER, 01:58.16).

100m Breaststroke
Mona McSharry (IRL, 01:08.53) and Kara Hanlon (SCO, 01:08.92) finished in 5th and 7th places. Jocelyn Ulyett (L'boro, 01:09.93) came sixth in the B Final.

400m IM
Katinka Hosszu won gold (02:11.30) by 0.93s with Aimée Willmott (Uni of Stirling, 02:13.64) and Hannah Miley (SCO, 02:13.96) finishing in fifth and sixth place in the A Final. Emma Day (Co Manchester, 02:15.79) and Georgia Coates (GB, 02:17.66) came second and sixth respectively in the B Final won by Fantine Lesaffre (02:13.67).

Joe Litchfield (GB, 04:28.03) came seventh after a heat swim of 04:27.81 took the final berth in the A Final won by fastest qualifier Gergely Gyurta (HUN, 04:17.49).

100m Butterfly
Rikako Ikee (JPN, 00:57.47) won gold and after a 01:00.38 heat swim, Tain Bruce (SCO, 01:00.70) finished seventh.

Marseille's Mehdy Metella (FRA, 00:51.93) dominated the heats and A Final with Konrad Czerniak (POL, 00:52.27) taking silver. Michael Andrew (USA, 00:53.85) came eighth. Duncan Scott (Uni of Stirling, 00:53.77) came third in the B Final won by Michal Chudy (POL, 00:53.59).

200m Freestyle
Taylor Ruck (CAN, 01:55.68) won gold ahead of Charlotte Bonnet (FRA, 01:56.87) who had ranked as fastest qualifier. Missy Franklin missed qualifying for the A Final with 02:00.51 but had some comnsolation with a B Final victory of 01:58.91. Georgia Coates (GBR, 02:03.13), Rachel Masson (SCO, 02:03.54) and Eleanor Faulkner (Sheffield, 02:03.77) ranked 16th, 20th and 23rd respectively.

Aleksandr Krasnykh (RUS, 01:47.66) won gold in the Men's A Final. Bath NC's Calum Jarvis (GBR, 01:52.15) came eighth in the B Final. Elliot Clogg (Sheffield, 01:53.57), Craig McLean (Uni Stirling, 01:53.72), Nicholas Grainger (Sheffield, 01:53.76) and Tom Kinghamd (GB, 01:54.39) ranked 24th, 26th, 27th and 30th respectively.

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