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Giant Brains Required

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If you hadn't already noticed, the FIFA World Cup is taking place in Russia from 14 Jun to 15 Jul 2018.

A common octopus hatched in Weymouth and nicknamed Paul by keepers at the Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany correctly chose the winning team in four of Germany's six Euro 2008 matches, and all seven of their matches in the 2010 World Cup - including Germany's third place play-off win over Uruguay. He also correctly chose Spain as the winner of the 2010 FIFA World Cup final. In all, Paul amassed an overall record of 12 correct predictions out of 14: a success rate of approximately 85.7%.

We are throwing down a challenge to predict results from the Group stage of this year's competition and will award

  • 3 points for predicting a match outcome correctly and
  • 1 point for the exact score.

So are you smarter than an octopus? [Don't worry it's not a TV show. Yet!]

If you happen to be Fred the Flounder on the bottom of Clevedon Marine Lake or simply want to see how your World Cup predictions fare against Club colleagues, workmates and other giant brains, then email admin@somersetasa.org with the following information:


Email Title: WC2018 - [Insert your name]
[Insert your name]
[Insert your Club / Group name] optional
Predicted scores [in the format and match order shown below under each Group Heading]

Group A
1-1 etc


Group A
Team Goals Team Goals
Russia   Saudi Arabia  
Egypt   Uruguay  
Russia   Egypt  
Uruguay   Saudi Arabia  
Uruguay   Russia  
Saudi Arabia   Egypt  
Group B
Team Goals Team Goals
Morocco   Iran  
Portugal   Spain  
Portugal   Morocco  
Iran   Spain  
Iran   Portugal  
Spain   Morocco  
Group C
Team Goals Team Goals
France   Australia  
Peru   Denmark  
Denmark   Australia  
France   Peru  
Denmark   France  
Australia   Peru  
Group D
Team Goals Team Goals
Argentina   Iceland  
Croatia   Nigeria  
Argentina   Croatia  
Nigeria   Iceland  
Nigeria   Argentina  
Iceland   Croatia  
Group E
Team Goals Team Goals
Costa Rica   Serbia  
Brazil   Switzerland  
Brazil   Costa Rica  
Serbia   Switzerland  
Serbia   Brazil  
Switzerland   Costa Rica  
Group F
Team Goals Team Goals
Germany   Mexico  
Sweden   South Korea  
South Korea   Mexico  
Germany   Sweden  
South Korea   Germany  
Mexico   Sweden  
Group G
Team Goals Team Goals
Belgium   Panama  
Tunisia   England  
Belgium   Tunisia  
England   Panama  
England   Belgium  
Panama   Tunisia  
Group H
Team Goals Team Goals
Colombia   Japan  
Poland   Senegal  
Japan   Senegal  
Poland   Colombia  
Japan   Poland  
Senegal   Colombia  


Only one set of predicted results for the Group Stage per person please. We will publish regular leaderboard updates during the competition. 

Participation in the next stage will be optional and by invitation and require further predictions.

There is no entry fee. No prize. Just kudos. And probably a nickname that will stay with you.

The closing date for predictions for the Group phase by 5pm on 12 June 2018 or earlier if entry limit reached.


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