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The Blue Plaque Rebellion

The Blue Plaque Rebellion is a campaign wanting to unearth and champion women’s sporting history. Women’s sports stories from the past are a treasure trove of inspiration, heroism, and incredible sporting feats. The  Women’s Sports Trust want to share those stories with future generations. In the UK, there are just two statues of named sportswomen, versus almost 200 of sportsmen.

The Women's Sports Trust are working with sports governing bodies, English Heritage and local councils to campaign for a public platform to secure the legacy of pioneering sportswomen from history. The first stage is to unearth the stories, and share them on social media, in newspapers and on TV and radio. The Trust are doing this using temporary blue plaques, on location of great sporting achievements – or on buildings where sportswomen lived – and retelling their stories on camera.

Help unearth stories from history about incredible sportswomen like Gertrude Ederle (1905-2003). The first woman to swim the Channel, “Trudy” – already a gold medallist for the US at the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris – beat the best men’s time by two hours when she landed at Kingsdown Beach in Kent in August 1926. That morning the Daily News had declared Gertrude would never make it, and that women would, “remain forever the weaker sex”. Her triumph made global headlines and on her return to New York she was greeted by a ticker tape parade attended by 2 million people. Read an article from the Guardian newspaper here.

Tweet your stories, or a message of support, using @BluePlaqueRebel and the hashtag #RecogniseHer

Visit www.blueplaquerebellion.com

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