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The Future of Pool Plant Training

Pool Plant Operator training courses are changing to meet standards set out in the new Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) publication ‘Swimming Pool Water’.

This new publication, and the upcoming re-release of HSG179: Managing Health and Safety in Swimming Pools, training organisations who want to be in line with these standards must have operators who are trained using a course which is accredited by PWTAG.

Swim England Facilities Manager Richard Lamburn holds positions on the PWTAG technical committee, PWTAG Training forum and British and European Standards working groups. He explains below what the new standards mean for pool plant operators training courses.

How has Pool Plant Operator training changed?

The new PWTAG publication ‘Swimming Pool Water’ sets stipulations for training organisations that want to comply with PWTAG standards. This includes that training operators receive should be accredited by PWTAG. This was bought about from the establishment of a PWTAG training forum. The forum is made up of a number of delivery bodies of Pool Plant training. Here it was agreed that to ensure quality of training courses, each body would make sure that its technical content and assessment methods were set to PWTAG’s standard and would therefore become accredited under the PWTAG banner.

What is the PWTAG standard?

The PWTAG standard is a syllabus that is freely available to view on the PWTAG website. The syllabus has been developed by PWTAG with consultation with the delivery bodies through the training forum. It ensures that all technical aspects of pool plant training are covered within any course and that candidates are assessed in the appropriate way, to ensure they have obtained the required level of knowledge.

How does HSG 179 effect training?

Enforcing authorities (HSE and local authorities) consider this PWTAG guidance as the standard to be achieved in effectively managed swimming pools. This results in PWTAG standards becoming the benchmark for compliance. The Code of Practice stipulates that training must be accredited by PWTAG to ensure compliance, therefore the importance of training being accredited by PWTAG is paramount.

How do I know if a course is PWTAG accredited?

PWTAG has a list of accredited training providers on their website. The process of accreditation involves a rigorous inspection of the qualification and its assessment methods. It ensures that the training complies with with the Code of Practice and the new edition of Swimming Pool Water.

Is there a list of candidates that have completed a PWTAG accredited training course?

PWTAG holds a list as the independent body. Candidates who complete training by accredited training bodies will appear on the same list. This enables employers to cross reference certification by the training provider to the accredited list.

If my previous qualification is not PWTAG accredited can I revalidate to one that is?

The PWTAG training forum agreed that candidates can re-validate to a PWTAG accredited certification. The training provider is required to fill in any gaps in knowledge to up-skill to the required level.

Please visit the PWTAG website to find a list of accredited training providers.

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