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Flanders Swimming Cup 2018 Day 2

Despite long days of travel followed by tough competition, the early season Flanders meet provided an opportunity for Millfield, Poole and South East Region talent swimmers to line up against some of the fastest swimmers in the world; swimmers who had won multiple medals at the Olympics; swimmers who had broken world records and swimmers who were ready to signal their intent to the rest of the world for the 2018 season.

Day 2 saw Millfield swimmers again taking responsibility for their own performance, following process, rationally reflecting and giving the best account of themselves both in and out of the water. 

Millfield swimmers' Day 2 results 

Brodie Williams – 400m IM 2nd A Final
Rachel Anderson – 400m Freestyle 3rd A Final
Santos Villalon – 200m Fly – 6th A Final
Isabel Jones – 100m Fly 7th A Final
Brodie Williams – 50m Backstroke 7th A Final
Sophia Wilson – 200m IM 7th A Final
Thomas Thornley – 200m Backstroke 8th A Final
Candice Lam – 200m Breaststroke 8th A Final
Rachel Anderson – 100m Backstroke 1st B Final
Isabel Jones – 100m Backstroke 3rd B Final
Emma Harvey – 100m Fly 4th B Final
Will Mitchell – 100m Breaststroke 4th B Final
Max McCusker – 50m Fly 5th B Final
Josh Lawson – 100m Breaststroke 5th B Final
Thomas Thornley – 50m Backstroke 6th B Final
Tom Gambold – 200m Backstroke 7th B Final
Isabella Renwick – 200m IM 8th B Final

Millfield Boy’s captain Max McCusker said: “I was very impressed with how everyone stepped up at the competition, giving many obstacles that faced us such as the delayed journey there. I thoroughly enjoyed how the squads integrated to help each other to achieve the best results possible.”

Millfield Girl’s captain Isabel Jones added: “I was amazed how everyone conducted themselves this weekend, not just in the pool but in the surrounding environment. The main emphasis of the meet was to work purely on the process, and not necessarily the time, I feel like the team really accomplished this.”

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