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Renewing your membership

Have you ever wondered how your Swim England membership is renewed? Obviously, you have. We all have!

But what if somehow, somewhere down the line, you’ve ended up registered with the ‘wrong’ club. Or – even worse – you’re listed under the ‘wrong’ sport. 

December is annual renewal time

For clubs registered under Swim England, December is the time to start getting the house in order.

Swim England’s membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December. This means all Swim England clubs are required to submit full details of their existing membership at the same time every year.

Swim England need to know this so members are appropriately registered and therefore covered under the club insurance provided by Swim England for whichever activity they may be taking part in!

Club membership involves two key aspects – your type of category (there are three) and the club to which you’re registered.

Category 1 is for club members who are non-competitive, Category 2 is for people who compete for clubs under Swim England law and Category 3 is for ‘non-active’ club members who don’t necessarily train or compete but do play a role in the club (volunteers, officials etc).

What if I’m not listed as a member of my club?

Step 1. Check your membership – head to swimmingresults.org/membershipcheck

Step 2. Speak to your club – and to the club you are assigned to if this is wrong – and get them to add you / delete you as appropriate when they submit their membership list.

Clubs submit this data using the following process with Swim England’s Online Membership System (OMS).
  1. During December, Swim England request that clubs submit their final OMS batch of new members or amendments so they can be processed.
  2. Both the submission of a renewal batch, and payment for it should be received by Swim England Membership Services by the end of February.
  3. Once Swim England have received the full renewal (batch and payment), they process this.
  4. After batches are processed, clubs can go into the OMS and amend their members on the system, lapsing or renewing current members and adding any new ones.
Can you update anything yourself?

While your club and your membership category can only be altered by your club secretary, there are aspects of your membership which you can edit yourself.

You can change basic details, disciplines and your data preferences.

Please select these options carefully. Swim England only send information to swimmers who give them permission to do so.

Head to the OMS to view your membership details now.

When you first use the system you will have to activate your account to progress further. This will use your email address which you have given us. If your email does not match the one you use you will have to contact renewals@swimming.org to change it.

You can also view a full OMS Frequently Asked Questions page on the Swim England site.

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