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CIMSPA endorses new ASA Level 2 Teaching Swimming Qualification

The new ASA Level 2 Teaching Swimming qualification is the first and currently the only qualification to be endorsed by CIMSPA’s Swimming Teacher professional standard.

CIMSPA’s Swimming Teacher professional standard

CIMSPA is the professional development body for the UK’s sport and physical activity sector. With help from employers and training providers including the Institute of Swimming, CIMSPA have put together a Professional Standards Matrix which outlines job roles within the sector. These benchmarks have been developed to help create a well-trained and highly skilled workforce and a consistent experience for end users.

CIMSPA have just released the Swimming Teacher Standard and the new ASA Level 2 Teaching Swimming qualification is the first to be endorsed. Under the new standard swimming teachers need to demonstrate they are able to work with and develop a group of swimmers prior to qualifying. New ASA Level 2 Teaching Swimming qualification

This new qualification will be available through the Institute of Swimming from January 2018. It builds on the previous industry-leading ASA Level 2 Swimming Teacher course, ensuring swimming teachers are able to develop water confidence, water safety and technical skills in swimmers of all ages and abilities. It also introduces personal safety, supervising swimming assistants, inclusive lessons, school swimming and teaching adults. The majority of the assessment will continue to be practical, ensuring that the qualification leads to swimming teachers who are ready to meet customers’ needs.

Institute of Swimming Managing Director Rebecca Cox said: "We are proud to be delivering the new ASA Level 2 Teaching Swimming qualification which continues to be the leading standard in the sector. It’s important for us to deliver training that allows swimming teachers to work effectively from day one on pool side. Making sure that those learning to swim have the best experience possible and perhaps most importantly, ensuring all achieve their personal potential as a swimmer."

All ASA qualifications remain valid with no expiry date so if you are already a qualified ASA Level 2 Swimming Teacher this will not affect your qualification.

If you have any questions about the new ASA Level 2 Teaching Swimming qualification please contact iosadmin@swimming.org.

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