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Support for International Sportspeople in North Somerset

The SISNS scheme is open to international level sportspeople and provides free access to training facilities in North Somerset.

Members of the scheme can benefit from not having the financial burden of training costs, and a range of other services allowing them to achieve their full potential.

SISNS is co-ordinated by North Somerset Council's Sports and Active Lifestyles team and supported by many of the council’s leisure facilities. These include sport or leisure centres, swimming pools, fitness gyms, and a range of other specialist indoor and outdoor facilities. All they ask in return is that members help with any sports promotion at least four times a year.

For full details and an application form, download the SISNS information pack.

The  team would also like to hear from clubs, organisations or schools that would like a North Somerset Sporting Champion to visit them.

For more information, contact North Somerset Council's Sports and Active Lifestyles team on 01275 810 995 or email sport@nsomerset.gov.uk.

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