Somerset ASA - Change to the Promoter's Conditions for Somerset ASA Championships 2018


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Change to the Promoter's Conditions for Somerset ASA Championships 2018

Please note the following:

Following a request from the Regional Licensing Officer, we are pleased to announce that Somerset ASA will be changing our Promoter's Conditions for our County Championships with regard to 8 year olds in the County who have very late in the year birthdays. The new Conditions will allow clubs to enter those swimmers born in October, November or December 2008 only, who have achieved the 10/11 year old qualifying times for County Championships, with times that are not recorded on ASA rankings. NTs will absolutely not be accepted nor swimmers with an earlier birthday than 1 October 2008.

This follows concern that this group of swimmers are disadvantaged two-fold.  Firstly they have to achieve times for 10/11 yr olds, and secondly because of their late birthdays they may not be able to compete in a meaningful Licensed Meet as they may not be 9 in time to enter a meet to qualify for Counties and therefore do not have a reasonable opportunity to obtain ranked times.

This is to give clubs and coaches advance notice of this change which will be available and set out in our revised Promoter's Conditions from Friday 20 October. 

Post-publication note: Revised Full Conditions were published here on 21 October 2017 (with no changes to the Abridged version for swimmers / parents nor to Hy-Tek files for Club Meet contacts).

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