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Time is a unit of love

During Volunteers Week 2017 we recognised the amazing contribution of our Treasurer, Ray Warren of Frome Swimming Club. At our 9 September 2017 meeting Fiona Bowen, County Secretary presented Ray with a small gift on behalf of the County as a token of our gratitude for his 25 years of service.

Ray Warren

A delighted Ray who lives in Apothecary House has sent this lovely thank you message.


"My family have been thinking of ways the two "Apothecary" glass decanters can be used. One or both will become centre pieces of dinner parties. Suggestions for filling them have been interesting and intervated. Jill is a very keen flower arranger and she can see one being a centre piece of a creation.

"Thank you to all who were involved in any way in making this gift possible. Thanks to those who thought of the "Apothecary" link.They remind me of the bottles filled with coloured liquid that were in the pharmacies while I was training. Once finishing my pharmacy training I went into industry, but have never forgotten those glass containers. That is why the gift is extra special and will be valued so much. 

"Looking back over my many years as a member of Somerset County Swimming first as Trophy Controller for many years and then as Treasurer I have gained so much enjoyment from the roles, but much more from the people I have had the privilege of knowing and of being part of a very special team. The team has changed over the years, but the philosophy has not - to give those involved in any part of aquatics in Somerset the opportunity to be the best that they can be and to enjoy every minute.

"Please will you pass on my sincere thanks to those who have made this day so special for me and my family.

"See you tomorrow.

"Best wishes for your part in the morning session [10 Sep 2017 Swim England SW Club Development meeting].. I am really sorry that I cannot be in two places at once."


We look forward to the day time travel becomes a reality! Well done Ray, a true gentleman.

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