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GB World Championships squad set for Edinburgh camp

Britain’s swimmers will converge on Edinburgh next week for a camp that will enable them to add the finishing touches to their World Championship preparations. The British Swimming team of 27 will base themselves at the Royal Commonwealth Pool for four days before travelling on to Budapest for the FINA World Championships (23-30 July).

Head Coach Bill Furniss is looking forward to bringing the squad together and re-establishing the team unity and clarity of purpose that has seen the rise of British Swimming on the international stage over the past four years. The guys are in a great place to finalise their preparations alongside the coaches and staff they’ll be working with throughout the World Championships,” said Furniss. “The camp is a vital element in creating the right dynamic and one team approach. It allows us to continue team building while effectively communicating how we want to approach the competition. This ensures every single member of the team is on the same page and creates a strong and cohesive unit ready to face the rest of the world.

“The marathon swimming section of our team will also compete at the World Championships while the pool athletes are on camp and I'm sure we will all be watching with interest and giving our full support."

The team will arrive in Edinburgh within the taper phase of their season; where they reduce the volume and intensity of training to maximise performance when needed the most.

“We will have athletes competing on every day of the World Championships,” said Furniss. “Some will start on day one, some on day eight and some will swim throughout so they’re all at different stages of preparation but all are on their taper. Each athlete has their own individualised plan designed to maximise performance on a specific day or days. It’s crucial that our swimmers are physically at their peak on the day of their race and the camp will help us to achieve this. It will also provide a valuable opportunity to work with our relays not just in terms of take overs but also in terms of building that trust, togetherness and focus.”

As the excitement builds towards the World Championships, the swimmers will use the RCP from 15 to 18 July. Access to the facility was a key factor in basing the camp in Edinburgh as well as the environment the city offers to the athletes as they prepare for the biggest sporting event of their 2017 calendar.

Furniss explained: “We have fantastic access to a world-class pool and the historic city lends itself to a relaxed, low-key training camp at a very high-pressure time. We’re confident this camp will be conducive to finalising preparations and ensuring the nation’s swimmers are at their very peak as they prepare to represent Britain at the World Championships. Preparations have gone well and now we’re looking forward to arriving in Edinburgh.”

The British Swimming team to compete at the FINA World Championships from 23-30 July 2017 comprises
Swimmer Base
Freya Anderson Ellesmere College Titans
Charlotte Atkinson Loughborough University
Georgia Davies Loughborough University
Kathleen Dawson University of Stirling
Nick Grainger City of Sheffield Swim Squad
Luke Greenbank National Centre Loughborough
James Guy National Centre Bath
Holly Hibbott Stockport Metro
Calum Jarvis National Centre Bath
Daniel Jervis City of Swansea Aquatics
Max Litchfield City of Sheffield Swim Squad
Hannah Miley University of Aberdeen
Stephen Milne Perth City Swim Club
Ross Murdoch University of Stirling
Siobhan-Marie O'Connor National Centre Bath
Adam Peaty National Centre Loughborough
Ben Proud Plymouth Leander
Molly Renshaw National Centre Loughborough
Rosie Rudin City of Sheffield Swim Squad
Duncan Scott University of Stirling
Mark Szaranek Edinburgh University/Florida
Alys Thomas City of Swansea Aquatics
Jocelyn Ulyett Loughborough University
Sarah Vasey National Centre Loughborough
Chris Walker-Hebborn National Centre Bath
James Wilby National Centre Loughborough
Abbie Wood National Centre Loughborough

Fans can follow the action at the World Championships via BBC Sport. View details

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