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Somerset ASA Synchronised Swimming Championships 2016

Alyson Bashord (Head Coach) reports: "All the swimmers completed three figures on Friday 8 July and made up their own solos which took place on Saturday 9 July. They all did very well and are showing improvement each year.

"We welcomed Somerset ASA President Paul Sartain on Friday. He watched the figure section which contained back tuck somersaults, ballet legs and barracuda's and we hope he learned a bit about synchro!

"This was our final synchro session at St James Street Pool as it is closing after many years, with the new pool at Blackbrook opening shortly. Synchro will be moving to the Station Road pool which is deep enough for our needs as synchro needs deep water."

Somerset ASA Synchronised Swimmers outside St James Pool

Photo for historical record - swimmers pictured outside the 1920s St James Pool before its closure on 10 July, probably to be demolished.


First 9/10 years novice: Evie Jones 
Second : Isabella Janes

First 11/12 years novice: Nyah Tomlinson
Second : Felicity Rickard
Third : Heidi Brazier-Shanley

First 13/14 years novice: Libby Gould
Second: Isabel Watts
Third: Simar Kaur

First 15 years and over novice: Olivia Taylor

First 12years and under skill 1: Sophie Chapman

First 13/14 years skill 1: Amelia Crocombe

First 15 years and over skill 1: Beatrice Wilkey
Second: Georgina Croft

First 12 years and under Skill 2: Sarah Perks

Junior trophy awarded to Nyah Tomlinson with score of: 99.4520

Senior Trophy awarded to Beatrice Wilkey with a score of 105.4384

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