Making the Most of Local Media

16:51:20 12.05.2020 posted by admin at 16:51:20 12.05.2020
Tags Marketing
With recruiting needs at an all-time high, this lesson in USA Swimming's Virtual SwimBiz 2020 series explains how to take advantage of media in your area: newspaper, radio, Out of Home (billboards, bus stops), digital media, and guerilla marketing tactics. What is the difference between earned media and paid media, and how do you use both to promote your club? Join experts Sandra Cranny …
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Catalyst for Change

16:48:18 12.05.2020 posted by admin at 16:48:18 12.05.2020
Tags Change,Transition,Adversity
Leading a team through transitions can be extremely difficult for organizations. In uncertain times, the best companies look for leaders who can motivate, support, and move teams from point A to B, while successfully navigating the challenges of change. The 60-minute USA Swimming Virtual SwimBiz 2020 webinar "Catalyst for Change - Leading Through Adversity with Daisha Hankle" provides…

Athlete-Centred Coaching

14:24:20 09.05.2020 posted by admin at 14:24:20 09.05.2020
Tags Behaviour,Relationship
The International Council for Coaching Excellence  (ICCE) is a not-for-profit, global organization with the mission of leading and developing sport coaching globally. ICCE members seek to enhance the quality of coaching at every level of sport.  On 15 Apr 2020, ICCE held the online discussion below: What does athlete-centred mean - what behaviours does an athlete-centred coach …
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Recovery Experience

14:09:15 09.05.2020 posted by admin at 14:09:15 09.05.2020
Tags Partnership,Recovery
​Leisure-net provides Customer Insight, Business Intelligence and Consultation services to the cultural services, active leisure, health and fitness industries. The  key objectives of Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport' (LRS) are to increase participation and widen access to sport and active recreation. See and hear how Active Partnerships are working within localities in Leisure-ne…
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How can athletes use this period of lockdown to work towards long term success?

19:15:10 05.05.2020 posted by admin at 19:15:10 05.05.2020
Tags Health,Illness,Training,Immunity
The ‘Experts in Sport’ podcast is a regular series that brings together experts from across Loughborough University with external thought leaders to discuss the latest research and hot topics in sport and academia. With competition across the globe currently on pause, attention within sport has turned to maintaining athlete health and well-being. In episode 11 of the Experts …
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