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Career Planning: Age Group to International

14:13:33 06.09.2015 posted by admin at 14:13:33 06.09.2015
Tags Coaching, Athlete Development
Bob Bowman Clinic Presentation - Sunday 6 Jan 2013 Part 1 (22m 28s via Norcal Swim Shop) Part 2 (22m 38s via Norcal Swim Shop)
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Olympic Encyclopedia

15:04:45 03.09.2015 posted by admin at 15:04:45 03.09.2015
Tags Olympics, Results
The focus of games-encyclo's "Olympic Encyclopedia" is to deliver accurate, well organized and transparent content about Olympic sporting events from a variety of perspectives - individual athlete or nation achievements over time, or on a particular sport or event and its champions and medallists.   Visit the Olympic Encyclopedia.
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Taking the 'Con' out of Confidence

14:58:54 03.09.2015 posted by admin at 14:58:54 03.09.2015
Tags Confidence
SUMO is the culmination of 20 years of work by Paul McGee. View Self-Confidence Podcast 1 - Taking the 'Con' out of Confidence. Dealing with change, building better relationships, developing a resilient attitude to life, maintaining morale and motivation, dealing with stress, inspiring confidence, releasing potential, building character, creating possibilities… these and many …
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Orchestrating success

23:13:01 02.09.2015 posted by admin at 23:13:01 02.09.2015
Tags Competition
Orchestrating successThe responsibility of a coach is not just to prepare athletes for competition but also to help them through the action. Research with Olympic athletes has shown coach behaviour during competition can have both positive and negative effects on performance. New research with successful coaches has identified what coaches can do during competition. The results suggest a theory…
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How to find undervalued talent

08:18:01 02.09.2015 posted by admin at 08:18:01 02.09.2015
Tags Talent
For six months Rasmus Ankersen (www.rasmusankersen.com) travelled around the world to crack the secrets of the world's best performance hotbeds. The Gold Mine Effect talks about the sporting 'gold mines' of talent that he visited whilst researching his book, and what they can teach sports people - and their coaches - about achieving the very best in their own sports. In this …
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