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Wild Swimming Italy

17:45:43 26.08.2018 posted by admin at 17:45:43 26.08.2018
Tags Wild
The Wild Swimming series travelled to Italy to explore freshwater lakes, mountain and lagoons. Dip in to the emerald-green plunge pools of Sicily and swim at river beaches in Campania. Discover the secret hot springs of Tuscany and amazing waterfalls of the Dolomiti. Explore the hidden shores of Lake Como and Garda. Perfect for family explorers or romantic adevnturers, this stunning travel book …
Categories: Open Water

Swimming World Biweekly - August 21, 2018

17:40:00 26.08.2018 posted by admin at 17:40:00 26.08.2018
Tags Pan Pacs,
Featuring Cate Campbell and Australia in full coverage of the 2018 Pan Pacific Championships. Team USA brings home 65 medals from Pan Pac para swimming! Go On The Record with legendary water polo coaches Ricardo Azevedo and Ratko Rudic, follow developments in the Dagny Knutson fraud case, learn about the 50 year history of the All-City Swim Meet, and catch up on what's new with Joseph Schoolin…
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Fatigue Management in Sport

11:43:07 18.08.2018 posted by admin at 11:43:07 18.08.2018
Tags Fatigue
This episode of the BelievePerform Radio podcast features Professor Andy Lane talking about the different techniques and strategies that athletes can use to manage psychological / physical fatigue in training and competition.
Categories: Coaching

Kick Set: Greg Meehan

11:37:03 18.08.2018 posted by admin at 11:37:03 18.08.2018
Greg Meehan was on USA Swimming's 2016 Olympic team staff and coached individual gold medalists Simone Manuel and Maya Di Rado. In this episode of 'Kick Set', the Director of Women's Swimming at Stanford University touches on the impact sports had on his life growing up in Philadelphia, the importance of relationship building and mentorship and other topics coaches are …
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Mundial Waterpolo 2018

11:21:55 18.08.2018 posted by admin at 11:21:55 18.08.2018
Tags Waterpolo
If you did not attend WP2018 Barcelona - 33rd LEN European Water Polo Championships 2018 - you may be interested in seeing the 132 page official programme. Well worth a read!
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