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Swimming World Biweekly - February 21, 2018

20:29:57 26.02.2018 posted by admin at 20:29:57 26.02.2018
Tags College
Features on college conference swimming, water polo and training. You will love the feature on Caeleb Dressel and his amazing accomplishments prior to the NCAA Championships in a few weeks.
Categories: General

Strongman Swimming Series 1 Episodes 1 to 3

12:06:51 21.02.2018 posted by admin at 12:06:51 21.02.2018
Tags Strength, Endurance, Mental
The Red Bull series Strongman Swimming documents Ross Edgley’s incredible attempt to swim 40km with a 100lb tree tied to him between the Caribbean islands of St Lucia and Martinique. Episode 1 - Who is Ross?  Training the mind to undertake a challenge such as this is just as important as ensuring your body is in peak condition. So Ross visited the Royal Marines in their …
Categories: General

Cardiac risks of excessive exercise: can too much physical activity damage the heart?

12:38:17 14.02.2018 posted by admin at 12:38:17 14.02.2018
Tags Cardiac, Exercise, Health
View public lecture by Professor David Stensel, Professor of Exercise Metabolism, Loughborough University from 1 Nov 2017.
Categories: General

Gluteal Function in swimmers

11:44:43 14.02.2018 posted by admin at 11:44:43 14.02.2018
Tags Muscle
This SSC Sports Medicine podcast features a talk with Dr Adam Semciw about his paper " Gluteal Muscle function and Size in Swimmers" his background, the study in more depth and where the research is going.
Categories: Coaching

Strength and Power for Swimming with Vern Gambetta

11:35:44 14.02.2018 posted by admin at 11:35:44 14.02.2018
Tags Starts, Turns, Periodisation, Dry-land
SSC Sports Medicine* podcast features a talk with Vern Gambetta on the pool deck in Portland, Oregon about strength and power training, periodisation and timing of dry land training for swimming.  Topics cover 'go to' exercises, the role of multi chain single arm symmetry lifts, the need to prepare to swim, not swim to prepare and also touch on the performance benefits of …
Categories: Coaching
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