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Promoting physical activity in schools

09:39:30 22.10.2015 posted by admin at 09:39:30 22.10.2015
Tags PE, Activity
"What works in schools and colleges to increase physical activity?" is a new evidence review by Public Health England designed for head teachers, college principles, staff working in education settings, Directors of public health and wider partners. Eight promising principles have been identified to promote physical activity in these settings. Develop and deliver multi-component …
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Swimming World Biweekly, October 21, 2015

09:30:19 22.10.2015 posted by admin at 09:30:19 22.10.2015
Tags Masters, College
Swimming World Biweekly, October 21, 201515 things swimmers are tired of hearing. 5 pieces of advice from a college swimmer. 5 ways to mentally stay afloat in the pool. Olympian Claire Donahue sets world records in Masters swimming debut. Tony Azevedo named PAC 12 water polo player of the century. Swimmers without borders: international student-athletes adjust to swimming in the US. 6 simple …
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20 steps to swimming success

13:37:12 14.10.2015 posted by admin at 13:37:12 14.10.2015
Tags Training
Designed to prepare you and your team mates to each swim 1,000m comfortably, the SwimBritain programmes below are based around training in a 25m pool. There are 20 sessions and plenty of handy tips – so, whether training together or alone, you’ll all be ready for your next swim challenge. Beginner Cards Intermediate Cards Advanced Cards
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National PE Institute 2015 - Keynote by Dr Ash Casey

13:14:21 14.10.2015 posted by admin at 13:14:21 14.10.2015
Tags PE
Dr Ash Casey of Loughborough University is a physical educator / practitioner-researcher aiming to make research accessible. "Research in physical education suggests that things are not changing as they might (and perhaps haven't for forty years). In short, we are living out our own collective 'Groundhog Day'. This keynote explores some of these repetitive messages and what we …
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Team Speedo Posters

11:33:10 13.10.2015 posted by admin at 11:33:10 13.10.2015
Tags Fans
Download posters of Team Speedo athletes and stay tuned for new weekly uploads. Follow @SpeedoUK   
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