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James Guy Poster

10:51:41 07.11.2015 posted by admin at 10:51:41 07.11.2015
Tags Fans
British record holder & Team Speedo star, James Guy's fact-packed poster is up! Download it here! More Team Speedo posters
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Swimming Technique, Fall 2015

10:36:43 07.11.2015 posted by admin at 10:36:43 07.11.2015
Tags Technique
- The Role of Assistant Coach Technique Preparation for the 2016 Olympics - Effect of an Instructional Intervention on Swimming Technique & Performance - Improve Your Backstroke Starts - Diving Into Meet Warmup - A Little Bit of Magic - Swimming Breaststroke From the Hands Down - Developing the "Boxer's Muscle' for Swimming - Brain Over Brawn - The Breaststroke Turn - Out In …
Categories: Coaching

100 years of water polo in Croatia

10:22:21 30.10.2015 posted by admin at 10:22:21 30.10.2015
Tags Water Polo,
HVS monografija ENGIn 2010 Croatian Water Polo Federation celebrated its 102nd anniversary by publishing a history of the first 100 years of water polo in Croatia.
Categories: Coaching

Swimming Technique Issue #2

10:17:05 30.10.2015 posted by admin at 10:17:05 30.10.2015
Tags Technique
Swimming Technique June 2015 Issue #2The Importance of Technique For Swimmers; How to Train for Long Course in a 25-Yard Pool; Using Warm Up to Improve Weaknesses; URSPT - "A Statement of Conviction"; Reaction To Sergei Beliaev’s Article “Ultra-Short-Race-Pace-Training”; 5 Swim Sets You Have Try Before You Die; The Best Swimming Streamline; Writing to Learn in Swimming; The Truth About …
Categories: Coaching

Looking for signals

09:46:34 30.10.2015 posted by admin at 09:46:34 30.10.2015
Tags Body Language, Coaching, Emotion
Small clues can give away so much about someone's mood. In the BBC Sport video below, Professor Geoff Beattie of Edge Hill University has analysed the body language of Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho.
Categories: Coaching
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