You're only limited by what you think you're limited by

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This episode of the Ritter Sport Performance podcast features Tom Rushton, current mid-distance coach at Energy Standard who has been in post since May 2017. In past years, Tom spent 4 years as a club coach in western Canada, 2 years at the University of British Columbia as an age-group coach and 4.5 years in Montreal as an NTC coach. Under his care, 100% of his athletes from the coaching …
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Diana Nyad - How to achieve impossible goals like swimming from Cuba to Florida

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In this episode of the Wild Ideas Worth Living podcast, REI presents an interview on Adventure, Outdoors, and Travel with guest Diana Nyad.  In 2013 at the age of 64, Nyad became the first person to swim 110 miles from Cuba to Florida without the aid of a shark cage. It took her about 53 hours. After years of training, four failed attempts, being stung by multiple box jellyfish, dealing …
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Alice Gartland - pursuing her passions

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Alice Gartland is contributing Editor of Outdoor Swimmer Magazine, lead scientist at the International Institute of Swim Cake Studies, a qualified swim teacher, Mandarin speaker,  and consultant focusing on projects relating to anti corruption, responsible business, water scarcity, the rule of law and the impact of technology on social and economic development. Alice is …
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Commonwealth Games Legends - Susie O'Neill

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Susie ‘Madame Butterfly’ O’Neill won more gold medals at a Commonwealth Games than any female in Australian sporting history. Ahead of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games in April, O'Neill says the thought of losing still provokes nightmares. Although her illustrious swimming career proves otherwise, O’Neill was overcome with nerves during competiti…
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Commonwealth Games Legends - Kieran Perkins

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Aussie distance swimming legend Kieren ‘Superfish’ Perkins is one of the greats of past Commonwealth Games and has the gift of the gab to match!. Ahead of the Gold Coast 2018 Games in April, Perkins shared stories of the intense and close relationship he had with his coach John Carew and just how hard he would train with a Games in sight.
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