Interview with Adam Peaty Race Clinics team

17:20:35 06.04.2020 posted by admin at 17:20:35 06.04.2020
Adam Peaty is  one of the most iconic swimmers on the planet.  In Episode 8 of his The Rogue Monkey podcast series, Kevin Pickard, offers insight into the journey of Ed Baxter, a swimmer from Cumbria, Managing Director of the race clinics programme and one of Adam's training partners. Hear from members of the race clinics team Tim Shuttleworth and Harriet West and…
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More Parent Support

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Episode 4 of Swim England East Region's podcast features Gordon MacLelland, the CEO of Working With Parents In Sport. He's got some great insights for us to help support parents in these difficult times. If you want to know more about the range of resources WWPIS has, head over to or interact with Gordon on twitter through his tag @_WWPIS. 
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Cue Bob Ballard

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Bob Ballard has been to the Olympics, World Championships and covered swimming, diving and water polo during an illustrious broadcasting career. One of sport's most familiar voices, he is synonymous with gold medals in aquatic centres but also covers ice hockey, wheelchair tennis and more besides.  You can read Swim England's Q&A with Bob published in Jan 2019 here. …
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Launch of Swim With Jazz

00:01:47 21.03.2020 posted by admin at 00:01:47 21.03.2020
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Jazz Carlin has launched an online training platform called 'Swim with Jazz'.  She commented: "With everything going on at the moment and all the uncertainty, I really wasn't sure if now was the right time to put it out there and go live. But, I believe that now more than ever, we need encouragement and support through this time.  "It all started with an …
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Athletes’ mental health - a major issue

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Assistant Dean at McMaster University, member of the FINA (World Swimming) and the IOC Working Group on Mental Health in Athletes, Dr Margo Mountoy (MD, Dip Sport Med [CASEM], PhD) shares practical insights in Episode 421 of the BMJ Talk Medicine podcast.. What 4 things should a team physician do to help an athlete who has mental health symptoms or a diagnosed mental health disorder? Read …
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