The Social Impact of Sport and Recreation

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Episode 8 of The Sport and Recreation Podcast hosted by Alex Sexton, Communications Manager, Sport and Recreation Alliance featues three organisations who are effectively targeting hard to reach communities in order to get children and young people active. Each has fascinating stories to share on their success, their challenges and their impact. It is a fantastic opportunity …
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Training for Swim Events

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Simon Griffiths is the founder of Outdoor Swimmer magazine. He takes part in swimming events around the world and this summer he’s planning a 21km swim along a lake in Sweden. In this episode of his Wild Swim podcast, Simon shares his experience of open water swimming events, including how he trains for these big swim challenges, what keeps him motivated during training, and what to …
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Space Walk

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The 360-degree immersive virtual reality viewing experience below features exclusive astronaut training footage from NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Houston, Texas. The stunning NASA VR/360 video from 2016, produced by Harmonic, offers a variety of perspectives - in the pool and out - as astronauts complete space-walk training for future missions to the International Space Station …
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Never too Old - 360 Swimming Squad

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The documentary video below artistically portrays the story of four Australians who achieved, for the first time in their country’s history, the national age record for the 360 Yrs category in swimming competitions. The youngest member of the team is 87 years old and the oldest is 92. Their combined age is more than three and a half centuries. Their amazing achievement as well as their …
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Something to Sh2out about

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Tags Governance, Triathlon, Safety, Participation
In April 2019 we featured a video by Colin Hill (bio) about Sh2out which expressed his concern with Triathlon and RLSS shaping open water swimming by setting guidelines for swim venues.  In it Colin questioned whether this is in the best interest of "your general outdoor swimmer" or a way for triathlon to claim credit for an already growing activity to Sport England? Or …
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