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How do you solve a problem like...

12:50:48 13.10.2019 posted by admin at 12:50:48 13.10.2019
Tags Events, Technoogy
No. Not Maria. Fans being kept up to date with how their Clubs are faring in competitions, particularly points totals if recorders are relying on paper-based scoring? There cannot be many sports administrators in the age of social media who feel content that their fans, spectators etc wil sometimes have to wait hours, or even days for unofficial / official results to be accessible.... somehow. …
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Youth Athlete Development (IOC Consensus): Specialisation, Talent Identification, Injury Prevention

10:56:40 30.09.2019 posted by admin at 10:56:40 30.09.2019
Tags Maturation, Injury, Talent
"The goal is clear: Develop healthy, capable and resilient young athletes, while attaining widespread, inclusive, sustainable and enjoyable participation and success for all levels of individual athletic achievement. Yet, this is a considerable challenge for all stakeholders in youth sports - parents, coaches, administrators, sport governing bodies and, especially, youth athletes" …
Categories: Coaching

Introducing Lisa Wainwright

10:47:07 30.09.2019 posted by admin at 10:47:07 30.09.2019
Tags Leadership
In this special episode of their podcast series, the Sport and Recreation Alliance invited Tom Walker, contributing Editor at Sports Management magazine, to sit down with Alliance CEO Lisa Wainwright for a one-to-one chat. In this exclusive interview, the pair discuss Lisa’s background in the sector and her ambitions for the Sport and Recreation Alliance. Lisa Wainwright attended the …
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Exploring Coaching and Mental Well-being

12:20:22 28.09.2019 posted by admin at 12:20:22 28.09.2019
Tags Mental Health
In this 2017 podcast UK Coaching explore the positive impact coaching has on mental well-being with Dr Karen Howells, a sports psychologist working as a sports and fitness lecturer at the Open University. The discussion focused on several topics, including: Why coaching the whole person was beneficial for participant long-term welfare; why it is important for coaches to be cognisant about …
Categories: Coaching

The Social Impact of Sport and Recreation

13:11:57 10.09.2019 posted by admin at 13:11:57 10.09.2019
Tags Impact,Participation
Episode 8 of The Sport and Recreation Podcast hosted by Alex Sexton, Communications Manager, Sport and Recreation Alliance featues three organisations who are effectively targeting hard to reach communities in order to get children and young people active. Each has fascinating stories to share on their success, their challenges and their impact. It is a fantastic opportunity …
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