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Rebuilding your Membership: Top Tips for Attracting and Retaining New Members

09:25:37 11.06.2021 posted by admin at 09:25:37 11.06.2021
Tags Membership
Over the past year, many clubs have lost swimmers due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In the second session of Swim England's Foundation Coach Conference, delegates were presented with case study examples of how aquatic clubs and coaches have implemented innovative initiatives to attract new members to their clubs. During UK Coaching Week, Swim England Coaching made the session video open …
Categories: General

The Teenage Athlete's Guide to Mental Fitness

12:03:14 07.06.2021 posted by admin at 12:03:14 07.06.2021
Tags Psychology
Dr Josie Perry is a Chartered Sport Psychologist, working mainly 1-1 with athletes – from novice athletes just starting out through to world champions. She teaches athletes the skills they need to overcome barriers to success and ensures they feel more comfortable and confident when they compete. Josie is also an author, writing features for magazines including cycling weekly. She has writte…
Categories: Coaching

Interview with Team GB's Tokyo bound swimmers

08:14:29 08.05.2021 posted by admin at 08:14:29 08.05.2021
Tags Olympics,ISL
Team GB swimmers Joe Litchfield, Sarah Vasey, James Wilby, Abbie Wood, Matt Rogers and Jacob Whittle competed for the New York Breakers in ISL Season 2. They chat about the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and the New York Breakers, revealing their daily motivations, favourite strokes, definition of the word success and excitement for the upcoming ISL draft for the third ISL season in the Zoom interview …
Categories: General

The Coalition Tackles ... the wellbeing crisis

09:12:51 11.04.2021 posted by admin at 09:12:51 11.04.2021
Tags Mental Health,
In the first episode of The Coalition Tackles... Ollie Dudfield, Executive Director of the Sport for Development Coalition chats with Hayley Jarvis, Head of Physical Activity for Mind about the role of sport and physical activity in tackling the mental health and wellbeing crisis brought on by COVID-19.
Categories: General

Open Water Swimming with Dr Heather Massey

12:07:13 03.03.2021 posted by admin at 12:07:13 03.03.2021
Tags Documentary,Cold
Faced with closed swimming pools and looking for something new to do, many people have been dipping their toes in the sea in greater and greater numbers, and approving of what open water swimming has to offer. During lockdown the rates of cold water swimming have rocketed, but is it as good for us as we think? In the film below published by NI Science Festival. we hear from Dr Heather Massey, …
Categories: Open Water
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