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Young Volunteers

Kelly Podbury presents Somerset ASA Young Volunteer of the Year award to Angharad Laraman

Somerset ASA Development Meet 2021

Kelly Podbury, Swimming Competition Secretary, sent to Club Meet contacts for prompt circulation 

  • an information update on 15 Oct 2021 on the rescheduled Development Meet (30/31 Oct 2021 at Hutton Moor LC, Weston-super-Mare).
  • Protocol and Code of Conduct information with associated requests on 27 Oct. We require a declaration form to be completed by midnight on 29 Oct if you / your child plan to attend our Meet. Failure to do so may result in non-admittance. The form is now closed.
  • ​Meet Programmes published for 30 Oct Session 1 and Session 2, 31 Oct Session 3 and Session 4. Please note we will not re-seed if there are withdrawals and we will run with the above programmes, Kelly will just scratch any swimmers from their lane.

Please share the update with swimmers, parents, coaches, team managers, officials and volunteers in your Club. 

Events such as our Level 3 Development Meet provide opportunities for your Club's volunteers to gain practical experience in a variety of roles and we issue calls for volunteers to sign up for sessions they would like to support. 

New sign-up link for Volunteers: https://www.swim-meet.com/Availability/?m=603. View the Development Meet overview of roles available. 

Are you the future of sports entertainment? We're looking for a number of volunteers to take us to the next level by helping us live stream events. Please let us know asap which of these fantastic opportunities interest you.

Swim England South West Youth Advisory Panel - Call for Applications 

The Region is looking for a keen group of six to eight young volunteers between the ages of 15-20 who are prepared to speak out about key issues or ideas they might have about their sport, volunteering or their club. The key purpose of this panel is to bring together young people from different aquatic disciplines and backgrounds to provide a youth voice for the South West Region. 

Members of the panel will meet at least once a quarter, be able to share their ideas in both group and private environments and actively take part in projects which support the region including the development of the regional young volunteer programme. More info and how to apply here.

The Sarah Pusill Young Volunteer of the Year Award 2020

Thank you for submitting nominations which closed on 30 June 2020. President Kelly Podbury paid tribute to the value of Volunteers when she visited Weston-super-Mare Swimming Club in November 2020 to present  winner, Angharad Laraman (pic). View report.

Young volunteers like those in the 2018/19 cohort pictured below are the future of our sport. Your County promotes, supports and offers grants for programmes which help Clubs to develop the skills and experience needed by Young Volunteers, Coaches and Officials.

Somerset ASA Young Volunteers 2018/19

Visit The Good Club Guides on Swim England website to download Engaging Young Volunteers.

The 2020/21 Young Volunteer programme is aimed at 14 to 18 year olds. It will have a different look for this coming year and aim to keep those athletes who may have thought about not returning to training involved in their club along with those who may have limited training availability. All workshops will be hosted online with club based project work. Swim England South West has just extended the deadline for applications to 14 November 2020. Please contact Jackie Hilleard (jackiehilleard@gmail.com) if you need further information or application forms.

Volunteer Now! Swim England South West has launched its Young Volunteer programme for 2020-21 and all clubs should now have received the programme outline and application forms. The aim of this year’s programme is to give development opportunities to those members in clubs aged 14 - 18 years of age who have not yet been able to access pool time, have limited access, or those who may have been thinking of leaving the club. The deadline for applications has just been extended. Please contact Jackie Hilleard jackiehilleard@gmail.com if you need further information or application forms.

Nicky Taylor also co-ordinated the 2019/20 Swim England South West Young Volunteers Programme in Somerset which had been aimed at 15* to 25 year old YVs from clubs (* aged 15 in school year), supporting their personal development. The programme was designed to support 22 Young Volunteers from from Chard, Clevedon, TeamBath AS, Taunton Deane Water Polo, Weston-super-Mare and ANT Swimming from October 2019 until the end of July 2020, with 25 hours of volunteering and a log book to be completed by end of July 2020.  View

  • details announcing the Programme which last year intended to benefit seven Clubs from the opportunities until Covid-19 prevailed.
  • courses, event and funding opportunities in 2020 which we asked Clubs to share with young people, members and in Club networks 

Please contact Nicky if you have Young Volunteer training needs and contact Fiona Bowen (fiona@bowenfamily.me.uk) to enquire about Club Development funding.

Interested in joining a Regional Swim England Youth Advisory Panel?

Keen young volunteers aged 15-20 from different aquatic disciplines and backgrounds wanting to speak out about key issues or ideas they might have about their sport, volunteering or club should register their interest in joining a regional panel.

Boost your Career Prospects

Volunteering can give you skills and experience which could be valuable for your future career.

Additional  volunteering opportunities within Aquatics may be offered outside of the club environment. If you are  interested please contact us for further details

Our 2018-19 Young Volunteers are already emulating their 2017-18 YVs and inspiring colleagues with their enthusiasm and thank their Clubs for providing opportunities to develop their skills.

Young volunteers benefit greatly from their experiences and mentoring. Past Programmes have given wider recognition of our Young Volunteers' achievements and seen a boost to cv's for young people embarking on future careers.


Video: For Volunteer's Week 2019, SASP also highlighted some of its great volunteers that help with all sorts of sessions around the county. Meet Charlotte who helps teach Swimming to kids.

Somerset Young Volunteer of the Year

Each year we ask who you feel deserves to be recognised for the work they do, on poolside or behind the scenes in your Club The Sarah Pusill Young Volunteer Award was introduced by our Past President as a way of rewarding talented and enthusiastic young volunteers from around the County. The perpetual trophy will be held by the winner for a year. Winners were announced at our 2019 AGM.

Young Volunteer Awards 2017/18

Citations and names of nominees for the Sarah Pusill Young Volunteer Award 2018 and winners announced at our AGM on 26 May 2018 were published during Volunteers' Week (1 to 7 June 2018). We are very grateful for the work they do, on poolside and behind the scenes.

Ila Brandimarte

Young Volunteer of the Year: Ila Brandimarte (pictured)
Runners Up: Joe McLachlan and Katie Chambers. View Gallery from AGM.

Young Volunteer Awards 2016/17

Congratulations to Somerset ASA Young Volunteer of the Year Libby Aldridge (Taunton Deane) who was presented with the Sarah Pusill Trophy by 2016/17 President Paul Sartain (pictured below).

Jane   Grace Cook
Winner 2016/17   Runners Up 2016/17
Libby Aldridge (Taunton Deane)   2. Grace Cook (Bath Dolphin)
3. Evan King (Weston-super-Mare)
Elliott Lewis   Georgia Vause
Nominee 2016/17   Nominee 2016/17
Elliot Lewis (Norton Radstock)   Georgia Vause (Norton Radstock)


Young Volunteer Awards 2015/16

YV of the Year Nathan Clarke

Somerset ASA Young Volunteer of 2015/16 Nathan Clarke (Burnham-on-Sea) is pictured with 2015/16 President Les Debenham and team mate Chris Wood who was second runner-up.


Liam Willcox - A Young Volunteer's Story

Norton Radstock Swimming Club's Captain shares his journey as a Young Volunteer in the videos below.


Liam has has not only received deserved recognition for services to aquatics as a Young Volunteer at the 2014 West of England Celebration of Sport Evening , but also at 2014 ASA Aquaforce and Sports Officlals Uk events. Liam joined the Management Committee in May 2015 and has also been on the ASA National Youth Forum.


Youth Forum Network

We are keen to see young people involved in the actual process of making decisions which affect them. They are more likely to engage with all aspects of their club as a result, and develop as capable young leaders, with guidance and support from experienced club members.