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SwimMark - the new name for swim21 accreditation - is Swim England's quality standard for clubs. Any affiliated Swim England club can apply for the accreditation, regardless of the size of membership or the disciplines delivered.

Want to teach swimming?SwimMark recognises nationally and regionally the clubs that are committed to providing recognises high standards of governance, sustainability and effectiveness for the benefit of their members.

What is SwimMark about?

  • Creating a quality environment for the development of all club members
  • Supporting clubs for future sustainability
  • Raising the standards of governance within clubs
  • Providing opportunities to develop the club workforce
  • Recognising great quality clubs in line with Sport England’s Clubmark accreditation

View Swim England SwimMark Accredited Clubs list (correct at 23 February 2022)

View SwimMark and Stronger Affiliation Deadline Date Changes for 2021/22.

To support clubs which have recently completed Club Affiliation (known as Stronger Affiliation prior to 1 Feb 2022) and wish to progress to complete SwimMark, contact the Regional office to register your interest in attending an online information session, hosted on  Zoom, which will provide a step by step guide on evidence required to complete this process.

SwimMark is a 2 year accreditation, however clubs are also required to complete a Health Check at 12 months. This means that clubs will need to complete the following elements each year:

Year 1 – 16 Elements
Year 2 – 6 Elements (same as those submitted for Club Affiliation)
Year 3 – 16 Elements

The Zoom information session covers 

  • What is SwimMark
  • The Online Portal
  • 5 important elements
  • The Coach and Teacher Register
  • How to update the Club Personnel Report
  • Downloading an OMS report
  • Who needs a DBS & Safeguarding training
  • Useful tips
  • Any questions you may have


Clubmark was Sport England's accreditation scheme for community sports clubs and is used by National Governing Bodies that don’t have their own kitemark. All clubs gaining SwimMark automatically received Clubmark status. Following an independent review of Clubmark to explore its efficiency, effectiveness and continued suitability, Sport England ceased Clubmark on 30 November 2019, however SwimMark certificates containing the Clubmark logo are still valid and Swim England will continue to use its supply of certificates until these are depleted.

Benefits of SwimMark to Clubs

Securing SwimMark accreditation enhances club management, strengthens structures, and unites clubs. It offers clubs a philosophy and programmes to help ensure the best environment for swimmers.

It also offers Sport England recognition that you are providing a quality service for all members, through its Clubmark status.

  • Access to a development tool for club improvement
  • Identification of workforce training needs to improve club operation.
  • Enhanced quality of coaching/teaching delivery
  • Prioritised support from Swim England staff.
  • In partnership with the Institute of Swimming, entitlement to a £100 SwimMark voucher to use towards future training costs. In order to claim this, please identify the specific course that you’d like to redeem your voucher on and contact the Institute of Swimming (01509 640640 / iosadmin@swimming.org) to request the voucher is added to your organisational account. If you do not have an organisational account on the Institute of Swimming booking website please click here
  • 5% discount on Swim England Awards (quote SwimMark club when placing an order) and discounts at Club Conferences and events
  • County Association Grants and Bursaries
  • Some pool providers offer a discount to SwimMark clubs
  • 3 free Bronze listings per year for coaching vacancies on the Careers in Aquatics website. To submit a vacancy, please go to swimming.org/careers and visit the Post a Job page. Enter the code SWMK19 followed by your 4 character club code (no gap) in the promotional box.
  • Membership Growth Projects is a Swim England funded programme designed to increase the number of club members. Any SwimMark accredited club section was eligible to apply for funding. The Application process closed on18 Oct 2019.

In addition to these benefits there are the following Regional Benefits to clubs:

  • 50% of annual Regional affiliation fee reimbursed
  • Dedicated Regional Officer Support.  

There are three different SwimMark accreditations that a club can work towards:

SwimMark Essential Club

The Essential Club accreditation is designed to be used as a development and audit tool. There are 16 elements to complete, helping clubs to focus on achieving good governance, sustainability, growing membership and developing volunteers.

The accreditation lasts for two years with a mini ‘health-check’ after 12 months. Once accredited, a club will automatically be awarded Sport England’s Clubmark accreditation, recognising they also meet the required standards of Sport England’s Code of Governance.

Please note if clubs do not complete their 5 elements as part of the Health Check, their accreditation will be revoked. The Club will no longer be eligible for respective benefits and checks will be made to ensure that SwimMark logos are not used on any correspondence 

Swim England's total number of Essential clubs: 605* as at 07 Jul 2021 out 974 affiliated clubs
* 69 in the South West.

 Check which clubs have completed the SwimMark Essential Club module.
SwimMark Network

SwimMark Network encourages clubs to work collaboratively across a localised area. This approach helps athletes to maximise their potential, encourages retention in the sport, increases volunteer opportunities and helps to raise the standards of teaching and coaching.

The Network accreditation lasts for two years and consists of three elements: a Development Plan, Training Needs Analysis and a signed Terms of Reference. A club must have achieved the SwimMark Essential Club accreditation to become a SwimMark Network Member.

Check which clubs have completed the SwimMark Network module.
SwimMark Performance

The Performance accreditation provides a benchmark for clubs who are coaching and developing performance athletes within Diving, Swimming, Synchronised Swimming or Water Polo. Clubs need to demonstrate that athlete pathways, the physical environment, quality coaching practices and support services are all in place for athletes to reach and maintain performance standards. Performance standards are measured by England Programmes. There are a varying number of elements to complete which are dependent on the discipline. Once achieved accreditation will last for two years with an annual health check to revalidate it.

A club must have achieved SwimMark Essential Club accreditation and be actively engaged with a SwimMark Network to maintain their Performance accreditation.

Check which clubs have completed the SwimMark Performance module.

Download Updates / General Information for SwimMark clubs

To find out more information about SwimMark accreditation click here or email clubdevelopment@swimming.org.

For details on how to get your club started with SwimMark please contact contact Jackie Hilleard (jackiehilleard@gmail.com) at the Regional Office.

Visit the SwimMark portal.

View SwimMark resource library and lists of accredited clubs on the Swim England website.

View details of Swim England’s launch of the Stronger Affiliation process for clubs which  was introduced so new and existing members know clubs are well run and that their personnel have the necessary safeguarding checks in place to ensure members' safety.

Clubs suspended by Swim England from midnight 30 June will no longer be an affiliated club, and have to re-affiliate with the region if they wish to rejoin, affecting 17 clubs nationally at the time of the Club Leadership Group announcement.