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Information for Clubs

We welcome listings in our Club Directory.

A representative from each Club can maintain Directory pages to display Club information, contact details and athlete profiles. Contact Mark Wells (Contact Details) for more information.

Club membership officers are reminded to keep the OMS up to date when someone leaves the club. This helps to ensure communications go to the correct people. 

Sign up for the pilot Secretary and Membership Secretary Workshop on 6 Jul 2021. 

Stronger Affiliation Reminder

Swim England hosted webinars to guide clubs through the Stronger Affiliation process. The portal was open for clubs to upload evidence and complete this process by 16 Nov 2020 to avoid the risk of being temporarily / permanently suspended from Swim England membership at the beginning of 2021. 

Please note if a club doesn’t renew their SwimMark accreditation, it still needs to complete and meet the requirements for Stonger Affiliation. If this is not done, the Region is required to suspend it with immediate effect.

There’s never been a more important time to consider ways to develop your club.  The Club Support Hub on the Swim England website offers a wealth of information and resources to start, manage and develop your aquatics club.

Membership Data

Club membership officers are reminded to keep the OMS up to date when someone leaves the club. This helps to ensure communications go to the correct people. Please ensure that your workforce Safeguarding and DBS are kept up to date along with their qualifications. 

By doing this regularly it will be easier to submit element 13 when renewing SwimMark / Stronger Affiliation for your club. 

Club Constitutions

All constitutions should now be amended to take into account the updated model constitution from 2018. If your Club's isn't, the model is available here: https://www.swimming.org/swimengland/becoming-a-members-club/.

If you club is nearing their constitution needing reviewing then please send the current and proposed versions to swconstitutions@gmail.com and the Regional team will look at this for you. Please ensure their review has been completed and is compliant before proposing any revised constitution for adoption by your club members.

Setting up a Club

View Swim England guidance  on governance such as policies and constitution, as well as decisions on membership and affiliation.


A number of Somerset Clubs work with others in their respective City of Bristol / Taunton / Team Bath AS networks on agreed plans to maximise resources and investment and secure defined athlete pathways within each network. 

Some examples of areas clubs within networks have been working on:

  • Training courses and workforce development
  • Maximising pool space
  • Attending training camps
  • Coach mentoring
  • Local funding opportunities

For more information about Club Networks visit our Development section

New Club Sessions

Clubs up and down the country are considering ways to diversify their offer, bring new participants into their club, and create links with local schools, colleges and universities.

This could include new sections for disability, masters, learn to swim or Swimfit

  • Satellite sessions (also known as Satellite clubs) are a new Sport England initiative, aimed at attracting a new type of participant into community clubs as well as welcoming back ex-competitive swimmers. We believe that Satellite sessions can begin to address drop-out from clubs. There are two potential forms of satellite sessions for Aquatics, both aiming to grow club membership:
  • Youth Satellite Sessions - these target the 11-25 years age group and can bridge the gaps between school, college, university and community sport and provide new opportunities for young people to create lifelong sporting habits
  • Pop-Up Swimfit Satellite Sessions – the new Pop-Up Swimfit model allows clubs to use Swimfit as an additional offer for the student or adult casual swimmer.

Coaches Forum

Groups are brought together throughout the country to share knowledge and best practice, discuss and influence regional competition structure and work toward a clear understanding of the swimmer pathway in the region. For more information on coaching please click here.

Learning Aids

This set of resources have been created by the University of Bath to help local community groups upskill their members in a variety of fields.