Somerset ASA Age Groups & Championships 2019

26/27 Jan & 2/3/9/10 Feb 2019 at Millfield, Street.

Coaches, Team Managers, Volunteers, Officials and Young Volunteers - if you can spare the time, please share your event feedback with us by 28 Feb 2019 using this form.

View Results posted from Sessions 1 to 12.

We're THRILLED to announce that starting this summer, we will be bringing some @Disney_UK magic to a swimming pool near you! The special family fun sessions will feature all your favourite Disney, #ToyStory4 and #Frozen2 characters. Find out more here: https://t.co/TazIjCbYZA pic.twitter.com/0CE10NCXcR

— Swim England (@Swim_England) 15 February 2019


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