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Somerset County Syncho Championships 2012

The Somerset ASA Synchronised Swimming Champiopnships were held for the first time in 10 years, Friday 14 September 2012 at St. James Street Pool, Taunton.

There were 11 entries ranging from 8 – 17 years in age.  The swimmers all performed three figures in front of the judges and were scored in accordance with Fina rules.

The figures were;

For novices : Back tuck Somersault with a degree of difficulty of 1.1
Oyster with a degree of difficulty of 1.1
& Alternate Bent Knee with a degree of difficulty 1.3

Figures for Skill level 1 were;

Front Pike Somersault with a degree of difficulty of 1.7
Alternate Bent Knee with a degree of difficulty 1.3
& Walkover Back with a degree of difficulty 2.0

All the swimmers performed well and the results were as following;

Novice 8yrs & under
Sophie Chapman 36.200 1st

Novice 11/12 yrs
Rebecca Hurley 46.500 1st
Louisa Webb 41.000 2nd

Novice 13/14 yrs
Abbie Kearle 49.400 1st

Skill level 1, 12 yrs & under
Beatrice Wilkey 46.000 1st
Sarah Howarth 44.000 2nd
Anna Hardie 42.280 3rd

Skill level 1, 13/14yrs
Alisa Calder 55.080 1st and Junior trophy
Emily Hurley 51.660 2nd
Minnie Edwards 51.360 3rd

Skill level 1, 15 yrs & over
Sarah Nicholls 56.780 1st and Senior trophy

County President Graham Cockill presented the medals and trophies at the end of the evening with David Flack, Somerset Development Officer in attendance on this historic occasion.  Organiser County Synchro Secretary Alyson Bashford said, "We look forward to next year when we shall repeat the experience and hope to add in routines as well as a fourth figure. We shall have to have extra pool time to do this but shall plan ahead having got this first championships under our belts.  We also pleased to have plenty of new swimmers who will be eligible to enter the championships next year!"

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