GDPR practical support

GDPRThe General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) deadline of 25 May 2018 is very close! We very much hope that you are finding the suite of GDPR resources on the Sport and Recreation Alliance website useful as you prepare your organisation for the changes that GDPR will require.

The Sport and Recreation Alliance and Sport England recognise that the journey does not stop on 25 May and that there will be a need for ongoing activity beyond that date. With that in mind they have teamed up with Wright Hassall LLP, a legal firm with a strong track record and experience of providing legal and practical GDPR support to sporting organisations and many other sectors. Wright Hassall LLP have also engaged with key policy makers in the Information Commissioner’s Office. 

Between the end of May 2018 and March 2019, Wright Hassall LLP will be producing a range of very practical, hands-on resources to help even the smallest sport and recreation organisations understand how to put into practice what is needed to become GDPR compliant. Over the coming months you can expect to see some advice and suggestions that try to help answer the question “Well, how do I actually do this?”, including: 
  • Simple “how-to” summaries aimed specifically at clubs
  • Online media such as videos and podcasts
  • FAQ-style summaries of practical issues around personal data. 

If you have signed up to access the Alliance's GDPR resources, they will signpost these new resources to you as they become available.

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