Massive thank you's and Feedback

Somerset ASA Championships 2018 concluded on 11 February.

We couldn't let it pass without saying a massive thank you to our Competition Secretary and Volunteer Co-ordinator, Kelly Podbury and our Officials Secretary, Graham Cockill for their incredible contributions.

Kelly and her team of volunteers on the recorders desk, our announcers, marshalls, medals desk and entrance desk personnel and in particular our young volunteers have worked tirelessly during seven days of competition. Graham organised a very professional army of officials and we are grateful for all his support and mentoring over the four weekends.

All competitions involve lots of preparation and both Kelly and Graham worked hard for months beforehand in the lead up. Thank you.

We also wish to thank Paul Chambers (Clevedon) and Neil Chambers (Wells) for stepping up and running the sessions that Kelly couldn’t cover personally as Meet Manager.

Thanks go to Somerset President Alyson Bashford and VIPs who were delighted to acknowledge the high standard of competition. Don't forget Alyson is hosting the President's Dinner in Taunton on 21 April 2018 which we hope many volunteers will attend.

We join Clubs in thanking Millfield staff, our catering team and valuing the contributions of Club Coaches, Team Managers, Chaperones, Officials and Volunteers.

It can be challenging to get enough people to sign up to fill the many roles needed to make a competition run smoothly. And for that we must thank all our Clubs and Volunteer Co-ordinators who galvanised support and made adding sufficient volunteer names to a spreadsheet a satisfying experience. Don't forget you can always show your appreciation by nominating volunteers for wider recognition.


What does success look like?

Whilst we always hope to deliver successful County Championships, answers to this question will always depend on individual viewpoints. We are reminded of the quote:

"You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time." - Poet John Lydgate [and later Abraham Lincoln].

We always ask for feedback and whilst the County Championships are still fresh in everyone's minds, please can Coaches / Team Managers send their comments to Kelly ( by Friday 16 February 2018.  Positive and negative feedback with suggestions for improvement would be very much appreciated.  Kelly will then collate it for the next Somerset Committee Meeting.

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