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Somerset ASA Synchronised Swimming Championships 2014

Alyson Bashford reports on the third Somerset ASA Synchronised Swimming Championships held on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 September 2014 which went very well.

Somerset ASA Synchronised Swimming Presentations 2014

Somerset synchro girls are pictured with their certificates and trophies.

The swimmers performed figures on the Friday as follows:
  • Back tuck Somersault, Oyster and Alternate Bent knee for the novices.
  • Ballet leg Single, Oceanita and Walkover front for the Skill 1 level.
  • Flamingo bent knee, Catalina and Barracuda for the Skill 2 level.
Somerset ASA President Mike Coles attended this session and enjoyed learning which figure was what!

On Saturday the swimmers swam their Solo routines mostly made up by themselves and they all enjoyed showing what they could do. There were 2 swimmers who did not attend the second day and the scores reflect this. The 15 years and over category was very closely run with both swimmers being on a par with their synchro ability.


Novice 8 years and under
1 Isabella Janes 60.444
2 Olivia Limm 38.128

Novice 9/10 years
1 Sarah Perks 82.383
2 Abby Hughes 80.619
3 Heidi Brazier-Shanley 75.861
4 Rebecca Goldsworthy 69.880
5 Sophie-May Chapman. Scoring 47.548

Novice 11/12 years
1 Libby Gould 79.451
2 Alice Preston 77.680
3 Olivia Lemba 71.815

Novice 13/14 years
1 Georgina Croft 78.131

Skill 1 13/14 years
1 Beatrice Wilkey 85.033
2 Rebecca Hurley 77.441

Skill 2 15 years and over
1 AIisa Calder 90.851
2nd. Emily Hurley 89.944

Junior County Trophy awarded to Beatrice Wilkey
Senior County Trophy awarded to Alisa Calder

We look forward to next year, which may have to be moved forward in the calendar following changes with dates for regional competitions.

Download Alyson's report for Club Notice Boards.

Download ASA Guidelines produced to help with the judging of skills at levels 0, 1 and 2

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