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Swimming World Biweekly - April 6, 2018

Caeleb Dressel - Fast as Fast Can Be! Three records set. Three barriers broken. Did Caeleb Dressel just have the greatest college meet ever?
Date: 18:42:38 14.04.2018
Categories: General
Keywords:  College, NCAA, CSCAA

Swimming World Biweekly - March 21, 2018

In this issue of the Swimming World Biweekly, you will find a wonderful photo gallery from the Women's NCAA DI Swimming and Diving Championships along with all the top stories from that event, including Ella Eastin's amazing 400IM.  Don’t miss the annual camp directory full of great summer camps throughout the United States.  
Date: 12:41:22 26.03.2018
Categories: General
Keywords:  Camps

Swimming World Biweekly - March 7, 2018

Top Stories and Events From NCAA Conference Championships to TYR Pro Am Series in Atlanta. Water Polo, News Stories and Information on Summer Swim Camps.
Date: 22:02:04 14.03.2018
Categories: General

Swimming World Biweekly - February 21, 2018

Features on college conference swimming, water polo and training. You will love the feature on Caeleb Dressel and his amazing accomplishments prior to the NCAA Championships in a few weeks.
Date: 20:29:57 26.02.2018
Categories: General
Keywords:  College

Swimming World Biweekly - December 7, 2017

All the top stories From ATT USA Swimming Winter Nationals, Golden Goggles, NCAA Competition, Water Polo Photo Gallery, and more.
Date: 11:37:35 28.12.2017
Categories: General

Swimming World Biweekly - October 7, 2017

The Top 50 Swimmers of NCAA Division 1, Braden Holloway Interview, Banning of Tech Suits for Age Group Swimmers, Mixed Relays, Pro Swimming, and the Latest News.
Date: 11:31:09 28.12.2017
Categories: General
Keywords:  NCAA, Tech

Documentary on Teri McKeever

Documentary below on Teri McKeever, an American college and Olympic swimming coach. She has been the head coach of the California Golden Bears women's swimming team at the University of California, Berkeley for the last twenty seasons. Her Cal Bears teams have won three NCAA national championships. McKeever's Cal Bears program has produced several members of the US Olympic team, …
Date: 09:36:52 10.05.2016
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Coaching

Swimming World Biweekly, October 21, 2015

Swimming World Biweekly, October 21, 201515 things swimmers are tired of hearing. 5 pieces of advice from a college swimmer. 5 ways to mentally stay afloat in the pool. Olympian Claire Donahue sets world records in Masters swimming debut. Tony Azevedo named PAC 12 water polo player of the century. Swimmers without borders: international student-athletes adjust to swimming in the US. 6 simple …
Date: 09:30:19 22.10.2015
Categories: GeneralOpen Water
Keywords:  Masters, College

Training Fast Twitch Muscle Fibres

Presentation (58m 37s) from the Joy of Sculling Conference on February 9, 2013 at the Hotel Sofitel in Redwood Shores, This video is a compilation of Dr. Maglischo's PowerPoint slides and a recording of his lecture. See usage rights published by LakeNatomaInvite. Ernie Maglischo retired from active coaching in 1998 after 35 years during which he coached at both the college and …
Date: 19:31:07 23.08.2015
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Muscle, Training