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Should Females Train Differently Than Males in Swimming

It's a tough question to answer when males and females with similar fitness often train alongside each other; almost in equal proportion in the early age group and masters environments. In this paper, Allan Phillips, regular contributor to Swimmer magazine, examines in three parts the research and differences. Download here.
Date: 03:30:04 10.04.2018
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Gender

Making a Splash

History was made at the Sixth Annual Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic. Edwin Graves, 91, Tiger Holmes, 93, John Corse, 90, and William Adams, 88, all former college swimmers who stopped swimming for decades, went on an age-group record setting binge. In the process, they didn't just change history, they smashed the stereotypes of aging and taught us all an important lesson about what's …
Date: 16:19:51 08.11.2016
Categories: General

Swimming World Biweekly - February 10, 2016

Swimming World Biweekly - February 10, 2016   The importance of female coaches features exploring the racial disparities in competitive swimming; Mount St. Mary’s to add Men’s Swimming and Diving; a letter to my swimming classmates; Sarah Sjostrom runs roughshod over Swedish Grand Prix with 6 wins; the importance of female coaches; Michael Phelps - Matt Grevers duel leads …
Date: 15:06:26 11.02.2016
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Masters, Phelps, Coaching

Swimming World Biweekly - January 12, 2016

Swimming World Biweekly - January 12, 2016  featuring 4 ways to get through the January; Trust the process: 5 New Year’s resolutions for 2016; watch Ryan Hoffer’s record-setting 100 freestyle from Austin; 5 New Year’s resolutions for divers; Michael Phelps joining Arizona State University staff for ‘16 - ’17; Michigan rolls to victory in the Orange Bowl …
Date: 04:11:29 13.01.2016
Categories: GeneralCoaching
Keywords:  Masters, Competition

Swimming World Biweekly, October 21, 2015

Swimming World Biweekly, October 21, 201515 things swimmers are tired of hearing. 5 pieces of advice from a college swimmer. 5 ways to mentally stay afloat in the pool. Olympian Claire Donahue sets world records in Masters swimming debut. Tony Azevedo named PAC 12 water polo player of the century. Swimmers without borders: international student-athletes adjust to swimming in the US. 6 simple …
Date: 09:30:19 22.10.2015
Categories: GeneralOpen Water
Keywords:  Masters, College