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Effects of Quitting Smoking

Looking to boost the health benefits from swimming regularly? Quitting smoking today can result in immediate benefits to your circulation, not to mention adding years and years to your life. Visually created this eye-catching infographic as part of a CVS campaign in conjunction with Huffington Post. Read more by HuffingtonPost.
Date: 12:28:20 09.01.2016
Categories: General
Keywords:  Health

350 years of Swimming Fashion

The external infographic below highlights various types of swimming fashion that have come and gone. Take a look at what people wore to the beach for the past 350 years and the changes, either for decency or function. Which one is your favourite?
Date: 11:46:36 22.09.2015
Categories: General
Keywords:  Fashion

Sports Science Infographics

If you are interested in sports science and like infographics, then we may just have made your day. Visit Yann Le Meur's site dedicated to coaches and athletes aiming to improve their performance. Click here to find out what is new in Sports Science. Follow @YLMSportScience  
Date: 19:12:09 11.09.2015
Categories: Coaching
Keywords:  Infographic