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Somerset ASA Championships 2020: Photo Credit Shaza Lee
Brilliant Team Backwell Volunteers at Somerset ASA Championships

Photo © 35 Mil


Photo © 35 Mil


Photo © 35 Mil



Somerset ASA Age Groups and Championships 2020


Thank you to everyone who has competed in or supported our 2020 competition at Millfield.

Coaches, Team Managers, Competition Secretaries, Volunteers, Young Volunteers, Officials, Spectators and Swimmers: if you can spare 5 minutes, please use this form to tell us by 29 Feb how you felt 2020's Championships went to help shape the format and organisation of next year's competition. 

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Somerset ASA President's Dinner 2020
  • SC Sessions 1 and 2 (relays & 100m IM) on 19 Jan.
  • LC Session 3 (Mixed 800m Free) on 25 Jan
  • LC Session 4 (G 200m Fly, B 200m Breast, G 50m Back) on 25 Jan
  • LC Session 5 (G 400m Free, B 100m Back and G 50m Breast) on 26 Jan
  • LC Session 6 (B 200m IM, G 100m Back, B 100m Fly) on 26 Jan
  • LC Session 7 (B 400m Free, G 100m Free, B 50m Back) on 1 Feb
  • LC Session 8 (G 200m IM, B 100m Breast, G 50m Fly) on 1 Feb
  • LC Session 9 (G 400m IM. B 200m Fly, G 50m Free) on 2 Feb
  • LC Session 10 (B 200m Free. G 100m Fly, B 50m Breast) on 2 Feb
  • LC Session 11 (B 400m IM, G 200m Back, B 50 Free) on 8 Feb
  • LC Session 12 (G 200m Free, B 100m Free, G 100m Breast) on 8 Feb
  • LC Session 13 (Mixed 1500m Free) on 9 Feb
  • LC Session 14 (B 200m Back, B 50m Fly) on 9 Feb *

* Apologies for the delay: G 200m Breast to follow.

How Good Would One Of These Look On Your CV?

Assistant Coach at a SwimMark accredited Club recognised with an ASA Aquatics national silver award in 2016 for the dedication of its swimmers, volunteers, officials, coaches, and teachers! Apply here.

Or perhaps this? County Volunteer Coordinator!  Here's your chance! View presentation for Clubs.


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