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The importance of starts and push-offs

11:36:34 08.09.2015 posted by admin at 11:36:34 08.09.2015
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View presentation (52m 50s) on the importance of starts and push-offs given by Frank Busch (USA) at the 1st FINA Gold Medal Swimming Coaches Clinic on 30 October 2012 in Moscow. More than 400 swimming coaches from a hundred nations exchanged ideas, experience and knowledge with top-level coaches from swimming powerhouse nations over two days. Busch was one of eleven leading figures representing…
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PCS Seminar – Dr Karen Throsby

11:12:52 08.09.2015 posted by admin at 11:12:52 08.09.2015
Tags Marathon
Dr Karen Throsby is an Associate Professor in the School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds. View video of the PCS Seminar, held at the University of Bath, entitled 'Making it count: Marathon swimming, quantification and the problem of "realness" (45m 30s)
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The Finer Points of a Good Swimming Start

16:18:05 07.09.2015 posted by admin at 16:18:05 07.09.2015
Tags Starts
USA Swimming's Biomechanics Co-ordinator Russell Mark went over the finer points of a good forward start and analyzes National Teamer Whitney Myers' technique at the 2009 National Select Camp held 29-31 Oct in Colorado Springs.
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The science behind the perfect swimming dive

14:23:46 06.09.2015 posted by admin at 14:23:46 06.09.2015
Tags Start
The swimming start is broken into three phases: on-block flight underwater Take a look at some of the research which could help athletes set themselves up for better start performances. Cate Campbell of Australia starts in the Women's 50m Freestyle Final...Cate Campbell of Australia starts in the Women's 50m Freestyle Final during day sixteen of the 16th FINA World Championships …
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Career Planning: Age Group to International

14:13:33 06.09.2015 posted by admin at 14:13:33 06.09.2015
Tags Coaching, Athlete Development
Bob Bowman Clinic Presentation - Sunday 6 Jan 2013 Part 1 (22m 28s via Norcal Swim Shop) Part 2 (22m 38s via Norcal Swim Shop)
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