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Highlights from the Youth Physical Development Model

09:30:49 20.11.2017 posted by admin at 09:30:49 20.11.2017
Tags Development
In this UK Coaching podcast, David Turner, Children's Lead, picks out his personal highlights from the Youth Physical Development Model - developed by Rhodri Lloyd and Jon Oliver from Cardiff Metropolitan University and integrated into UK Coaching’s new Fundamentals of Movement workshop. Sport Scotland, in partnership with UK Coaching, developed a video animation explaining the …
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The Relative Age Effect

09:24:58 20.11.2017 posted by admin at 09:24:58 20.11.2017
Tags Age
In this UK Coaching podcast, David Turner, Children's Lead,, discusses the relative age-effect, something both sports coaches and parents should be aware of. Many sports clubs and organisations mirror the educational system and use the academic year to register their players for participation. These specific academic year age groups provides consistency for children in regards to friend…
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The ‘C’ System of Coaching Children

09:22:23 20.11.2017 posted by admin at 09:22:23 20.11.2017
Tags Children
In this UK Coaching podcast, David Turner, Children's Lead at UK Coaching, looks at the ‘C’ System of coaching – a model for the holistic coaching of children. The system forms an important part of UK Coaching's Children 5-12 workshop, designed for children's coaches. Essentially the system is a set of characteristics all coaches should look to develop in childre…
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S&PA Professional - Autumn 2017

09:29:15 17.11.2017 posted by admin at 09:29:15 17.11.2017
Tags Wild, Accreditation, Technique, Finance
Dive into the Autumn 2017 issue of the membership magazine of the Chartered Institute of Sport and Physical Activity for an immersive look at the increasingly popular sport of wild swimming with author and experienced wild swimmer Daniel Start. Quality scheme Quest dives into swimming lesson accreditation. S&PA also joins athlete and physiotherapist Laura Penhaul on the road to learn …

Do you know athletes who have a wheeze and get short of breath easily? Surely asthma, right?

07:52:49 10.10.2017 posted by admin at 07:52:49 10.10.2017
Tags Asthma, Breathing
Respiratory conditions are often neglected in the world of sports medicine. In this BMJ talk medicine podcast recorded at the famous Centre for Health & Human Performance in London, two world leaders enlighten us on respiratory conditions in sport. Guest Dr James Hull is Consultant Respiratory Physician with a specialist expertise in assessing athletes with unexplained breathlessness. …
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