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13:56:51 23.02.2017 posted by admin at 13:56:51 23.02.2017
Tags Physiotherapy
A world leader in sports physiotherapy, Associate Professor Dr Kristian Thorborg is from Copenhagen University. He is renowned for his studies and clinical workshops related to patients with hip, groin, hamstring and knee related injuries. In this BMJ talk podcast, he outlines: the paradigm shift for the use of exercise to treat conditions such as tendinopathy and hamstring strains. He …
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Nutrition pearls for sport performance

13:49:59 23.02.2017 posted by admin at 13:49:59 23.02.2017
Tags Nutrition
Fresh from the BMJ UK undergraduate student conference, Professor Graeme Close shares pearl after pearl on this top podcast. What do you do in a first consultation? How does nutrition in team sport vary from individual sport? What’s the key to a successful pre-game routine? How should nutrition change when an athlete is injured? Supplements? Coffee? Sleep? Take home tips – all in …
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Making a Splash

16:19:51 08.11.2016 posted by admin at 16:19:51 08.11.2016
History was made at the Sixth Annual Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic. Edwin Graves, 91, Tiger Holmes, 93, John Corse, 90, and William Adams, 88, all former college swimmers who stopped swimming for decades, went on an age-group record setting binge. In the process, they didn't just change history, they smashed the stereotypes of aging and taught us all an important lesson about what's …
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Swimming World Biweekly - October 7, 2016

15:53:23 08.11.2016 posted by admin at 15:53:23 08.11.2016
Tags Olympics
This issue featues some of the best photos from the summer, including the US Olympic Trials and Rio Olympics. On the cover: Belinda Hocking of Australia [Photo courtesy: Delly Carr]. Swimming World Biweekly - October 7, 2016Swimming World Biweekly Summer Photo Review-- In this issue we show you the best photos from the summer, including the U.S. Olympic Trials and the Rio Olympics. On the cover: …
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5 minutes with Siobhan O'Connor and James Guy

12:19:50 12.10.2016 posted by admin at 12:19:50 12.10.2016
Tags Meals
Join Olivia Cox as she chats with medal-winning swimmers Siobhan O'Connor and James Guy where they reveal what the Olympic village was really like, their fave cheat day meals and how they deal with the chlorine in their beauty routine.
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